Kamis, 05 Januari 2012

NFL Teams That Need Improvement: St. Louis Rams

The St. Louis Rams had a terrible season this past year. Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo was the most high profile firing after the Rams 2-14 season. St. Louis's first need will be to find a new head coach. Jeff Fisher is undoubtedly the first head coach on the list of candidates that they are looking at for the position. Fisher is interviewing for the job and he would be a great pickup for the Rams with all his experience. If Fisher decides not to take the job and stay retired, Washington Redskins defensive coordinator Jim Haslett would be an excellent candidate for the job. The Rams biggest onfield need is to get a cornerback. LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne would be a great pick. If Claiborne does not come out, the Rams could address the need of offensive tackle with USC's Matt Kalil. However, I think Claiborne will enter the Draft and St. Louis will pick in second overall in the draft. In the second round, the Rams could go after Florida State offensive tackle Zebrie Sanders. If he is off the board by then, the Rams could go after Oklahoma State offensive tackle Levy Adcock. The Rams could also go after a wide receiver like Baylor's Kendall Wright. If he is off the board by then, they could go after Rutgers' Mohamed Sanu. They could also use a tightend in the third round like Georgia's Orson Charles. The Rams need a lot but first they need a new head coach and general manager to plan the moves for the organization.

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