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Where will Reggie Wayne be headed this offseason?

Reggie Wayne has been one of the best wide receivers in the NFL over the last decade as Wayne has been the number one target for Peyton Manning as the duo have been great until last season when Manning was injured. Now, it looks like Peyton Manning is not going to return to Manning as well as most all of the pieces that helped the Colts success in the past which makes me wonder if Reggie Wayne will now move on with the Colts preparing to rebuild. Reggie Wayne could return to Indy but I think it is unlikely as the Colts also have to resign receivers Pierre Garcon and Anthony Gonzalez, and I think the Colts won't be that interested in bringing back Wayne because of his 33 years old. Also, Wayne probably is thinking that now is the time to move on from Indy. So the question is, where will Reggie Wayne sign? The first possible destination is the Washington Redskins as they are looking for an elite wide receiver. A top receiver like Wayne would definitely be an upgrade over an aging Santana Moss or Jabar Gaffney who had a big year because he was not heavily covered. Wayne is able to win one-on-one matchups still with lots of corners as he could really help the passing game for the Redskins. The Redskins could also go sign Reggie Wayne in an attempt to convince Peyton Manning to also come to DC since he would get to work with Wayne. The Redskins will definitely go after Reggie Wayne and be a lead contender for him all the way up to when he signs a contract. The Baltimore Ravens could also be a team of interest as he could form a very good combonation with Anquan Boldin and Torrey Smith to improve the receiving corps for Baltimore. Wayne would be a good veteran that could help out quarterback Joe Flacco gain confidence and teach him some things that Peyton Manning did. Reggie Wayne would get a great chance to win another Super Bowl if he signed this offseason with the Ravens. However, the Ravens biggest problem in trying to sign Wayne is that they do not have enough cap space to probably get a deal done which eliminates them from the Wayne chase. The Denver Broncos are trying to help develop Tim Tebow's passing game and signing Reggie Wayne would give him a veteran number one receiver that he could gain confidence with in the passing game. Having Wayne will allow the Broncos to see if Tim Tebow has the ability to be a talented passer along with his running skills. However, the Broncos will probably go after someone like Saints OG Carl Nicks to improve their offensive line instead of a wide receiver like Wayne. The Chicago Bears should also be a team that pursues Reggie Wayne as the Bears have not had an elite wide receiver in a long time and Johnny Knox will never be a true number one wide receiver. Jay Cutler would benefit from a receiver like Wayne as they could form a combo that is as good as the one that Cutler formed with Brandon Marshall when both of them were still in Denver. This could help the Bears rebound from missing the playoffs last year and give them a very good shot at making it next season. The Bears also have plenty of cap space so a move for Wayne is definitely not out of the question. Wayne could be a veteran leader on the offensive side of the football for Chicago, and this would make Johnny Knox a better receiver as he would be a number two receiver and he would definitely see mostly one-on-one matchups instead of being double teamed. The Cincinnati Bengals could also try to sign Reggie Wayne as a number 2 receiver behind AJ Green as he help mentor the Pro Bowler slightly. Also, teams could only double team only one of Green and Wayne so the other would get one-on-one matchups which would make Andy Dalton a more dangerous passer with those two plus tightend Jermaine Gresham and receiver Jerome Simpson as long as Simpson resigns in Cincy. Wayne would also be interested in the chance to be a contender in Cincy as they are a young team that is on the rise. The San Francisco 49ers are the last team that will probably have major interest in Wayne as Alex Smith would have an even better receiving corps if Wayne was added to the current receiving corps that included tightend Vernon Davis and reciever Michael Crabtree. The 49ers should be a contender to win the Super Bowl next year and Wayne could make their passing game a lot better as it would definitely open up the field for Davis and company. This would also give Frank Gore more space as teams would not be able to put 8 in the box due to the threat of Reggie Wayne. As previously mentioned, where will Reggie Wayne sign? Like Manning, Wayne will want to sign for a team that has a veteran coach and a team that is contender. Wayne will probably cost around 2 years for 18 to 22 million over the two years. I think he will end up with the Chicago Bears because they have the cap space to get that type of deal done, have a veteran coach in Lovie Smith who has been to a Super Bowl, and Wayne will get to be the number one target and a leader on offense for Chicago. This will be very interesting as Wayne will be pursued by a lot of teams throughout this offseason.

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