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NBA Trade Ideas Continued

Earlier this week, we came up with some potential trade ideas for teams that are looking to win a championship. We mentioned Ray Allen and Dwight Howard as players that could be traded. Now, here are some more trade ideas as we approach the trading deadline.

DJ Augustin Trade
Utah Jazz receive: Bobcats PG DJ Augustin, Bobcats C DeSagana Diop
Charlotte Bobcats receive: Jazz PG Devin Harris, Jazz 2012 2nd round Pick
DJ Augustin is in the final year of his contract with Charlotte and will probably after the season ends. The Bobcats will look to get something for him as they should look to trade him to a team that needs a point guard so they can get some point of trade. The Utah Jazz need a point guard do to the disappointing play off Devin Harris this season. DJ Augustin would be the perfect fit for the Jazz with the scoring bility he bring. Augustin is a guy who can put 20 points and 10 assists and if my other trade of Ray Allen to Utah happens, Augustin would get lots of assists with players like Allen or CJ Miles if Allen doesn't go to Utah, Gordon Hayward, Al Jefferson, and Paul Millsap. Augutin would probably welcome a move to Utah as this could give him the chance to be on a playoff contender and the chance to show off his skills before he hits free agency. Utah would probably try to negotiate an extension with Augustin if he played well for the Jazz. The Jazz would take Diop to make the salaries work and then they might waive or amnesty him. For the Bobcats, they would get Devin Harris who could use a fresh start after the type of season he has had this year. Harris needs a breath of fresh air after the way he has played in Utah since being traded from the Nets. This also gives the Bobcats the chance to get rid of the bad contract of DeSagana Diop. They also get a scond round pick that they could use on getting a young role player. The most important thing is that the Bobcats would be able to give more playing time to some of their young players like Kemba Walker and Bismack Biyombo. This trade would help the Jazz right now and give the Bobcats a chance to play their young players.

Miami-Phoenix Trade
Miami Heat receive: Suns C Marcin Gortat, Suns C Robin Lopez
Phoenix Suns receive: Heat PF Udonis Haslem, Heat C Joel Anthony, Heat C Dexter Pittman, Heat Future 1st Round Pick, Heat 2012 2nd Round Pick
The Miami Heat's biggest problem in the lineup is at center since Chris Bosh is more of a power forward, and the combination of Joel Anthony and Eddy Curry has not worked for the Miami Heat. The Heat need a good center and the Suns are looking to trade players to improve their team for the future without trading Suns icon Steve Nash. Marcin Gortat is the center that the Heat desperately need in that starting lineup. Gortat is a very good center as he averages almost 15 points per game. Gortat is also a good defensive player as he averages around 9 rebounds a game and 1 to 2 blocks per game. Gortat can make the Heat frontcourt the best in the NBA with the combination of LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and Marcin Gortat. Gortat also has 3 years remaining on this deal so they will not have to worry about trying to sign him to an extension in the near future. Gortat would love the opportunity to be able to start for a team that can win the NBA Championship. Robin Lopez would also be a good backup center for the Heat and he would be a young center that they could resign longterm since Lopez has potential to be like a Spencer Hawes. The Suns would get a couple veterans in Udonis Haslem and Joel Anthony that could allow them to truely move Steve Nash somewhere. The Suns could keep Haslem and amnesty Anthony and open up some cap space in the long term. Dexter Pittman has the potential to be a very good center that could be a 3rd big man in a rotation or even a starter. The two picks can help them get some good young prospects. The Heat need a center and this trade would let them get a good one in Gortat.

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