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NBA Trade Ideas

So far, the NBA season has been full of surprises from the success of teams like the Los Angeles Clippers and Philadelphia 76ers to the disappointments of the Boston Celtics, and New York Knicks. This has been one crazy NBA season and there could be some more chaos as teams look to improve their teams so here are some ideas for possible trades.

Dwight Howard Trade
LA Lakers receive: Magic C Dwight Howard, Magic PG Chris Duhon
Orlando Magic receive: Raptors C Andrea Bargnani, Raptors PF Amir Johnson, Raptors SF James Johnson, Lakers SF Devin Ebanks, Lakers PG Darius Morris
Toronto Raptors receive: Lakers C Andrew Bynum, Lakers SF Matt Barnes, Lakers 2012 2nd Round Pick, Magic 2012 Second Round Pick
The Magic probably do not want to replace Dwight Howard with Andrew Bynum right now after the way he was dominated down low by Howard last night against the Lakers. So who is a better replacement for Dwight Howard. Raptors center Andrea Bargnani is a very good replacement as he has averaged 22 points a game and 6.5 rebounds. Bargnani has only missed a few games due to a calf injury but is about to return. Amir Johnson would also be a good pickup for the Magic since he is only 24 and looks like a guy who average 17 points and 8 rebounds per game when he reaches his potential. James Johnson could be a good threat off the bench for the Magic and it could allow them to move Quentin Richardson for a draft pick. Devin Ebanks has the potential to be a good role player that can come in and put 10 to 15 points up on any night. Darius Morris is the type of player that Stan Van Gundy would love to have. Morris impressed me last night with his hustle up and down the court and his ability to score. Morris has the potential to be a solid starting point guard in this league. For the Raptors, they would love to get Andrew Bynum as they see him probably as the next Chris Bosh in Toronto. Bynum would make a great young pairing in the frontcourt with Ed Davis. Bynum would have the chance to get a breath of fresh air with a lot less pressure in Toronto then Los Angeles. Matt Barnes could bring a good veteran prescence to help develop the young players that are on the Raptors. The two second round picks could let the Raptors bring in some young role players. Of course, the biggest part of this trade idea is Dwight Howard going to the Lakers. Howard is the star that they desperately need at center to replace Bynum who proved last night that he just isn't good enough to hang with the best centers. Howard and Kobe Bryant would form as good of a pair as Kobe formed with Shaquille O'Neal when they won multiple titles. Chris Duhon would be a good role player for the Lakers as he would take the spot of Steve Blake while Blake is hurt. The Lakers would instantly become a title contender while the Raptors and Magic would get young players that could help them build their teams up in the long run.

Ray Allen Trade
Utah Jazz: SG Ray Allen
Boston Celtics: PF Derrick Favors, SF CJ Miles, G Alec Burks
The Utah Jazz have been a major surprise so far this season but the one gaping hole they have in their lineup is at shooting guard. Ray Allen would be the perfect fit at shooting guard with his great shooting and scoring ability. Allen has only averaged around 15 to 16 points per game but Allen still has the ability to put up 25, 30 points on any night. Allen is that excellent 3 point shooter that Utah is currently missing right now. The Celtics need to get some young players as this team has shown that they are no longer a championship contender and Allen could bring in some good young talent. The Jazz should also get Allen for the veteran experience he would bring about how to win an NBA Championship. The Celtics would get three players who could some pieces of a young team with a lot potential. Derrick Favors has a very high ceiling as he has the potential to be the next Kevin Garnett. Favors would also get to sit behind Garnett and learn from him so he can improve and develop into a star. Alec Burks is a talented young guard with potential to be a very good scorer. Burks will get plenty of playing beside players like Paul Pierce due to the departure of Ray Allen in this trade. CJ Miles will imediately be able to play and probably start as Miles has proven that he can be a solid scorer. Miles has the potential to be a very good player on the outside for many years. This trade would give the Jazz the shooting guard they need and the Celtics the young corps of players that they can put with Rajon Rondo.

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