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Previewing NFL Free Agency: Quarterbacks

With the Super Bowl approaching, the whole nation is getting ready for Super Sunday but 30 NFL teams are now preparing their plans for the offseason. Those teams are looking for the pieces that will help them get to the Super Bowl in the future through the NFL Draft and free agency. As teams get ready for the offseason, here is the preview of the NFL free agent market beginning today with quarterback.

Green Bay QB Matt Flynn
Flynn will be the best free agent quarterback on the market as long as the Colts do not cut Peyton Manning before his 28 million dollar bonus. Matt Flynn has impressed teams with his performance in 2010 against the Patriots when Aaron Rodgers was hurt, and in Week 17 this year against the Lions when he threw 6 touchdowns. Flynn is only 26 years old and has sat learning behind quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Flynn knows that Rodgers is the Packers' franchise quarterback so he knows that it is time for him to leave so he can find a starting job somewhere else in the NFL. Flynn has the potential to be a Pro Bowl caliber quarterback sort of like a Trent Green. The favorite to sign Matt Flynn is right now the Miami Dolphins after they hired Packers' offensive coordinator Joe Philbin. Matt Flynn has played in the offense that Philbin did in Green Bay and he has a very high comfort level with Philbin because of that relationship. Joe Philbin will definitely be an advantage for the Dolphins as they try to sign Flynn. The Washington Redskins are another team to watch in the Flynn sweepstakes. Just like the Dolphins, their interest could depend on the availability of Peyton Manning. The Redskins have been looking for a franchise quarterback for a while and Flynn might able to be that guy. Mike Shanahan needs a young quarterback and he might also look at trying to get Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III in the NFL Draft. Flynn may have to wait for an offer from the Redskins till after the draft to see if they get Robert Griffin III. If RG3 or Peyton Manning (if he becomes a free agent) do not end up in DC, then Flynn will definitely become the main quarterback  target for the Redskins. The Seahawks could also look at Flynn as Tavaris Jackson is definitely not good enough to be a starting quarterback for Seattle. Pete Carroll may look at trading up to get RG3 but Flynn will definitely interest the Seahawks. Matt Flynn will probably sign a 5 year deal around 40 million dollars this offseason as I think that will be with the Miami Dolphins. The connection between Flynn and Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin will lead Flynn to deciding to sign with the Dolphins as he will immediately become the new starting quarterback.

The Backup Quarterback Market
After Flynn, there are no free agent quarterbacks that will be most likely leaving their teams unless Peyton Manning becomes a free agent. There are about six quarterbacks on the market that could battle for starting jobs or be really good backups for somebody. Those players are David Garrard, Kyle Orton, Jason Campbell, Chad Henne, Vince Young, and Rex Grossman. Garrard is probably the best of this bunch but I think he will retire as he knows that he will have to battle for a starting job. Orton could be a target for Seattle, Washington, or Minnesota. Orton could battle for a starting job with the Redskins as they are looking for a quarterback or Seattle since the Seahawks shouldn't keep Tavaris Jackson as a starter as I don't think he is good enough to start. Minnesota could be a sleeper if they decide that they are disappointed in current starter Christian Ponder. Orton would be a good fit in Seattle as Pete Carroll might want to have someone that can put pressure on Tavaris Jackson which is why that is where Orton will be. Jason Campbell lost the starting job in Oakland after he got injured due to the trade for Carson Palmer. Campbell could go to Jacksonville, Minnesota, Seattle, or even make a return to Washington as he looks for a spot where he can compete for a starting job. Campbell could be a decent pickup for a team and he will probably want a one year deal so he can get back on the market next season. Chad Henne lost his starting job this year and he could look at a backup job in Green Bay, Philadelphia, or with the New York Giants as he looks to set himself up to try to find a starting job next year. Vince Young might be the mobile quarterback that interest the Redskins as a backup plan if they don't get Flynn, or RG3. He could also be a backup for RG3 or he could return to Philadelphia as he might get a chance to play if Michael Vick gets injured again. Rex Grossman will look for a backup job somewhere as he could also make a return to DC. Grossman could also end up with a team like Baltimore who might be able to contain his personality of making some absurd guarentees.

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