Selasa, 10 Januari 2012

NFL Teams That Need Improvement: Cleveland Browns

Today's edition of NFL teams that need improvement features the AFC North's 4-12 Cleveland Browns. The Browns played in probably the toughest division in all of the NFL with the three other teams in the AFC North all making the playoffs. Pat Shurmer should not have to worry about being fired as Shurmer was in his first year as head coach. Quarterback Colt McCoy has a lot of potential as the Browns' organization s think that he has the potential to become a franchise quarterback. The Browns have one of the best offensive tackles in the NFL in Joe Thomas who is forgotten about because he is on the Browns. Cleveland also has one of the best return men in Josh Cribbs. D'Qwell Jackson is a very underrated linebacker and had a very good season with 158 tackles. Other than that, Cleveland has a lot of holes. A major need for the Browns is an elite wide receiver for Colt McCoy to throw to just like how Matthew Stafford has Calvin Johnson, how Tom Brady has Wes Welker, how Aaron Rodgers has Greg Jennings, how Peyton Manning has Reggie Wayne, or the most realistic comparison, how Andy Dalton has AJ Green. The perfect player to pick with the fourth overall pick would be Oklahoma State wide receiver Justin Blackmon. Blackmon would be that playmaker that Cleveland's passing game essentially needs. Blackmon has the right combination of speed and size to be as good as a player like Atlanta's Roddy White or maybe even Houston's Andre Johnson. Blackmon would be the perfect pick for Cleveland if they decide to keep the fourth pick. The Browns also need a good young tightend for their offense. The perfect fit would be Stanford tightend Cody Fleener. At six feet six inches, Fleener has the size to be a bbig target for Colt McCoy over the middle of the field. Fleener has the potential to be just like Zach Miller. Another need for Cleveland is defensive end. Instead of picking Fleener in the second round they could go after LSU defensive end Barkevious Mingo. Mingo was apart of a front seven for LSU that was the only part of the LSU team that did not give up. Two candidates for the Browns in the third round are Florida State defensive end Brandon Jenkins and Georgia tightend Orson Charles. Another need for the Browns is offensive guard. Wisconsin's Kevin Zeitler would be a great choice in the third round. The Browns have a long way to go before they become really good but this could shorten that.

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