Rabu, 04 Januari 2012

January Transfer Movers: Nikica Jelavic and a Brief Transfer Roundup

Nikica Jelavic has been very successful in the time that he has been at Rangers. Jelavic is one of the best strikers in Scoltand. Teams in England have looked at Jelavic due to his talent and he is also only 26 years old. The biggest question on Jelavic is where will he be playing when the window closes. The first possible landing spot is Leicester City. Leicester City showed some spending power in the last transfer window as they look for promotion to the Premier League. Of course, Sven-Goran Erikson was the manager then but then he was fired by Leicester City and replaced with Nigel Pearson. Pearson has not been going after big signings and the chance that Jelavic ends up at are low if it even exists. The next potential landing spot is Liverpool. Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish has shown some interest in the striker and with Luis Suarez suspended and Andy Caroll in poor form, Jelavic could be a real option for Liverpool at central forward. Jelavic has said he is honored by the interest from Liverpool but has thrown his loyalty to Rangers. Jelavic probably would not be happy to lose his starting job to Luis Suarez when Suarez got back so Liverpool will not be where Jelavic is playing. The most likely landing spot for Jelavic if he decided to move is QPR. Neil Warnock is planning on making a seven million euro offer for Jelavic to get him to come to England from Scotland. Jelavic would immediately be the starting striker on a team that is rising up the Premier League. However, QPR may not go after another striker after Neil Warnock signed Federico Macheda on loan from Manchester United. At the end of the day, Nikica Jelavic will stay at Rangers. Jelavic's loyalty is too strong for him to leave Rangers during the middle of the season. A Jelavic move is more likely in the summer than right now.

Transfer Roundup
Marco Reus agreed to move to Borussia Dortmund in the summer which has to anger Bayern Munich fans. Reus is a very talented young German and Dortmund is continuing to bring in young talented players.
Neil Warncok may get a steal for 3 million euros if he is able to sign Alex for that price. Alex is a very good centerback and this would be a huge upgrade for QPR on the backline.
Lastly, Gary Cahill are around 50 thousand euros off in the attempt to agree on wages. This transfer may take a while with this wage standoff. Another club may try to swoop in and steal Cahill from Chelsea. Stay tuned.

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