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The Big Game: BCS National Championship

People say that legends are born in the biggest moments in the biggest games. Great players always play great in the biggest and tonight should be no exception as players for Alabama and LSU will have the chance to become legends in the Superdome in New Orleans. Les Miles and Nick Saban both know what it takes to win a national title as two of the best coaches will be facing off in what has the potential to be an instant classic just like the Denver Broncos' win yesterday against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The pressure will be on for the teams with a sellout crowd in the Superdome and millions more fans watching at home on television. Stars like Trent Richardson and Morris Claiborne are hoping to impress NFL scouts that wil definitely be at the game. There is nothing like the national championship, other than a playoff, but this is the system we have and here is my prediction for tonight's huge national championship in New Orleans.
One of the keys to tonight's game for LSU is the ability of the LSU offense to be multi-dimensional. LSU's offense definitely has one of the best running games in the country and Spencer Ware should put up some good numbers tonight. However, LSU can not afford to not have a passing game as that would allow Alabama to put 8 in the box. LSU will need Jordan Jefferson to throw the football effectively. Jefferson does have a very good wide receiver to throw the football to in Reuben Randle. Randle's size will allow him to be a big playmaker in the passing game for Alabama. Another key to the game for LSU is shutting down Alabama's Trent Richardson. LSU has one of the best defensive lines in the country but they are going up against one of the best offensive lines in Alabama which is led by Outland Trophy winner Barrett Jones. It will be important for LSU to shut down Richardson to force AJ McCarron into passing the football. McCarron has not proven to be the most effective passer as LSU knows that they have a ball-hawking secondary led by Morris Claiborne and Tyrann Mathieu. The last key for LSU is keeping the crowd in the game. LSU will have the advantage in the crowd since this game is in New Orleans. LSU needs to avoid allowing Alabama to gain a lot of momentum early on to keep the crowd in this game.
The first key for Alabama tonight is to make plays in the passing game. Unlike LSU, Alabama does not have that elite receiver but AJ McCarron will need to step up tonight and make some plays to prevent allowing LSU to put 8 in the box to shut down Trent Richardson. McCarron has to avoid turnovers to prevent LSU from gaining momentum and making a tough environment even tougher. The next key for Alabama is to contain the LSU option attack. In the first matchup between these two teams in Tuscaloosa, Alabama allowed a few big plays on the option with Jordan Jefferson. Those were the only plays Jefferson came into the game for the first time but now Jefferson is the full-time starter so the Crimson Tide defense won't know if Jefferson is running the option or not. Alabama defensive coordinator Kirby Smart has definitely working on shuting down the LSU option with his defense. The last key to the game for Alabama is gaining momentum early to silence the LSU favorable crowd. Alabama needs to silence the crowd to avoid being in a really tough game tonight as LSU has the advantage. An early lead is always the best way to silence a crowd and they will need to do that.
Tonight's key matchup is the battle in the trenches. Both of teams are known for their running games and the defensive lines will look to shut the other team's running game down. Both team will probably blitz so the defensive lineman will try to open the gaps. Both Kirby Smart and John Chavis will gameplan to stop the other team's running game and the trenches will be where this game is truly decided.
The X-factor in this game will be LSU runningback Michael Ford. Ford is a playmaker at runningback and more of the speed threat for at runningback for LSU. Ford will have multiple 10 plus rushing yard carries in this game. Ford has the speed to get to the outside and break a run for a big touchdown. With Ware running up the middle, Ford will catch the Alabama defense off guard.
The prediction
Richardson will be effective for Alabama tonight but LSU will be able to win the battle in the trenches. Also, LSU will force more turnovers tonight but Richardson will make the big plays to keep Alabama in the game. Ford will have the big plays that will allow LSU to open up the field to make big throws to Reuben Randle. LSU will win the game and the national title by a score of 20 to 10.

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