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Opening Act

Yesterday was a crazy day in the NFL especially at the receiver position as some of the top receivers were on the move. If today is any sign of this year's NFL offseason, we are in for a lot of excitement just like the compact free agency after last year's lockout.

Vincent Jackson signs five-year 55.5 million dollar deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
This might be the biggest surprise of the day as no one expected Tampa Bay to spend money on big contracts despite the fact that the Bucs have tons of cap space. Jackson will immediately upgrade a good receiving corps that includes WR Mike Williams and TE Kellen Winslow. Jackson will give the Bucs a huge, big-play threat as Jackson's size and ability to get the ball will force teams to double team V-Jax. After a disappointing sophomore season last year,  QB Josh Freeman will have some pressure to perform as the Bucs might consider looking for a new quarterback if Freeman fails to reach expectations. This is a very good deal for both sides but this is not the biggest surprise of the day.

The Miami Dolphins trade WR Brandon Marshall to the Chicago Bears for two third-round picks.
What surprises me most about this trade is how Miami let Brandon Marshall leave for so little in return which makes you wonder if there were some problems between Marshall and the front office. Marshall could have been a perfect fit in new head coach Joe Philbin's offense as he could have been the same as Greg Jennings is in Green Bay. However, Chicago has been able to reunite Marshall and QB Jay Cutler as that pair has the potential to be really dangerous. This is the number one receiver Chicago has needed and they have got him for way less than he is worth. Chicago is building a team that can immediately get back to the playoffs next year.

The Indianapolis Colts resign Reggie Wayne to a three-year deal.
The Colts were able to keep veteran receiver Reggie Wayne after most people including myself, thought he was bound to join Peyton Manning and other Colts in the exodus out of Indy. However, the Colts have kept Wayne which means that Andrew Luck will have a really dangerous weapon to throw to. Wayne prescence on this team may interest some other veterans in joining the Colts. Andrew Luck and Reggie Wayne could be a very dangerous QB-WR combo for the Colts.

The Washington Redskins sign WR Pierre Garcon to a five-year deal worth arpund 42 million dollars.
The Redskins knew they would have to spend to make upgrades at receiver and Garcon is a godd pickup despite the amount of money they spent to sign him. However, Garcon has a lot of speed an can blow by secondaries which could make him especially dangerous with RG3 at quarterback as he also made big plays with speedy WR Kendall Wright. Garcon has a lot of talent and I think he will end up being worth 42 million dollars as he is the perfect fit in Washington.

The St. Louis Rams have signed CB Courtland Finnegan to a 50-year deal worth 50 million dollars.
Finnegan is the best cornerback on the market and he will fill a major need for the Rams at cornerback as St. Louis looks to improve on a 2-14 season. Finnegan has worked with Jeff Fisher before when Fisher was the head coach of the Titans. Finnegan was very productive at cornerback last year despite having only one interception. The one concern with Finnegan is that he has been in an on-field fight with Adre Johnson. However, Finnegan is a key piece in the rebuilding project that is going on in St. Louis.

The San Diego Chargers sign WR Robert Meachem to a four-year deal worth almost 26 million dollars.
Meachem has been part of one of the most explosive passing games in the New Orleans Saints but he is now going to try to replace the impact that Vincent Jackson made in San Diego. However, he will be able to replace some but not all of what Vincent Jackson did for San Diego. Meachem should be able to fit in to the pass-first offense in San Diego as Meachem will probably be the number two receiver behind Malcom Floyd. Meachem is a good signing at the price that the Chargers paid to get him.

Others Notes
Carlos Rogers resigned with the 49ers as they are able to retain there number one cornerback. Rogers will look to do as well as he did last season next season as the expectations for him will be higher.
Tampa Bay also signed cornerback Eric Wirght to a five-year deal as he will bring some much needed help to the Tampa Bay secondary.
The Bears have made an upgrade at the backup QB as Jason Campbell has joined the Bears. Chicago needed to do this after the way Caleb Hanie performed when Jay Cutler went down for the season. Campbell could probably be a starter on a few teams in this league.

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