Rabu, 21 Maret 2012

Unsaintly (The Saints bounty penalty)

The biggest news is not the upcoming NFL Draft, it is definitely not the fact that Robert Griffin III's pro day was today, or that Tim Tebow is close to being traded to the Jets. No, it is the ginormous penalty that has been put on the New Orleans Saints for their bounty program and the hypocrite the NFL is starting to become.

The biggest penalty handed out today was the one given to former Saints and now Rams defensive coordinator Greg Williams. Williams has been banned from the NFL indefinitely as NFL comissioner Roger Goodell will review his situation at the end of the season. This makes a lot of sense as what Williams has done is absolutely horrible. Williams should not be allowed back in the NFL as he did this knowing the potential consequences. Williams has made a huge mistake and has cost himself his whole career. Saints head coach Sean Payton was given a year-long suspension and the Saints will now have to look for a new interim head coach while GM Mickey Loomis was handed an eight-game suspension. Payton and Loomis were handed suspensions of this length due to their failure to act and stop the bounty program that was going on during this three-year period. Both these men should have acted to stop this as they were even warned about it and still let it continue.The fact that they were okay with this is truely stunning and not what the NFL wants to be about supposively. The Saints also lost assistant head coach Joe Vitt for the first six games of this season. Talent wise, the Saints will not make their first slection in this year's NFL Draft till the third round as they lost their second round picks this year and next after they traded their first round pick this year to the Patriots so they could get Mark Ingram last year.

However, back to my previously mentioned statement on how the NFL is turning into a hypocrite. The NFL has promoted the big hits as one of the special parts of the game and yet they are reprimanding it at the same time. Helmet to helmet hits were the first things the NFL penalized which was due to the NFL trying to make themselves look good to the public. Now though, the NFL is reprimanding the Saints for their bounty program which caused the one thing the NFL constantly promotes, the knockout hits. The constant tape shown by the NFL is Ray Lewis's hit on Jets TE Dustin Keller and that could have been dangerous but the NFL said it was clean while the Saints hit on Brett Favre was just like it but the Saints were reprimanded for it. Football is a brutal and dangerous game and everybody in the sport knows the risks that they are taking with their lives. However, the NFL thinks it is okay for certain big hits from players like Ray Lewis but the NFL reprimands similar hits just because their is a bounty (which is wrong). Who says that other teams also have bounties and that the problem is league wide. All these hits. know matter if they are helmet to helmet or a big blow in the chest, are a part of the game and anyone that does not want that to happen to them should not play. Goodell, however, does not get that the NFL is a tough man's sport and he needs to look at the past to understand it or look at the football cultures in cities like Baltimore and Pittsburgh. The NFL is a tough, everyday man's game and Goodell will hopefully get that now or the NFL will continue being in this hypocritical identity crisis as long as they continue to advertise some big hits while reprimanding others.

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