Sabtu, 10 Maret 2012

Battle on the Bubble: One day to Selection Sunday

Selection Sunday is now only one day away and there are still so many teams on the bubble as teams compete for an at-large bid to the tournament.

Latest notes since yesterday's update.

Dayton's loss to Xavier last night has ended their hopes of making the tournament.

Marshall's win over Southern Miss has helped their chances of making the NCAA Tournament as they could steal the automatic bid with a win over Memphis.

Tennessee's hopes of making the tournament are now gone as Ole Miss got a huge win against the Volunteers which gives them a better shot of making the tournament.

Colorado has climbed up onto the bubble after beating California as they could be a bid stealer if they win the Pac 12 tournament.

South Florida will make the tournament and Xavier will also join them after beating Dayton last night.

Nevada has fallen onto the bubble after losing to Louisiana Tech late last night.

Miami is still on the bubble despite the loss to Florida State in the ACC Tournament while Texas' loss to Missouri does not affect them by much at all.

Winner of Pac 12 championship between Arizona and Colorado will jump in the tournament. Currently, we project Arizona to win that game.

Last 6 In (From the seventh to last team to the last team in the tournament)
Colorado State
NC State
Mississippi State
Seton Hall

First 9 Out (From the first team out to the tenth team out)
Miami (FL)
Ole Miss

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