Selasa, 03 Januari 2012

January Transfer Movers: Carlos Tevez

Over the next few weeks, we will look at some of the most talked about players in transfer discussions and analyze each of their possible destinations. Our first player is Manchester City's controversial star striker Carlos Tevez. Tevez is one of the best players in the world when he feels motivated to play. Of course, that is not the case as Manchester City is now looking to seel the striker or move him in a loan deal as they want to get him away from the Ethiad Stadium. The first potential landing spot for Tevez is Corinthians. Corinthians made an attempt to sign Tevez back in August and they have still shown some interest in him. Of course, Corinthians do not have the same amount of interest as they did back in January. Corinthians will most likely wait and till summer to bid on Tevez if he is still at Manchester City. Carlos Tevez will not be headed to Corinthians. The next potential landing spot is Tottenham. Harry Redknapp has come out and said that his only signings he would make would be for extraordinary players. Also, reports have linked Tevez with a move to Tottenham. Tevez would supplant Adebayor at central forward and would be an upgrade. Tevez could make Tottenham a serious threat for the Premier League title. The biggest question is does Tottenham have the money to sign him? The most likely answer is no but maybe they have enough to get him. The next possible destination is Inter Milan. Inter could use Tevez as a true replacement for Samuel Eto'o. Inter also would keep rivals AC Milan from getting it. However, I think Carlos Tevez will land at AC Milan. Tevez would be a nice upgrade for the AC Milan's forwards. AC Milan has a lot of interest in Tevez and at the end of the day, Tevez will make a 30 million euro move to AC Milan.

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