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Where will Vincent Jackson end up?

Vincent Jackson is undoubtedly the best free wide receiver in a very talented group of wide receivers and is definitely in the top 10 of the best wide receivers in the whole NFL. Jackson has become one of the most dangerous targets for quarterbacks in the NFL due to his height of 6' 5''. Jackson was able to avoid the franchise tag as the Chargers decided not to use the tag at all as Jackson would have cost over 13 million because he was tagged last year. Jackson is not a receiver that is known for racking up catches as the most catches he ever had in one season was 68. However, Jackson has had 3 season of over 1,000 receiving yards as it he would have done it in 2010 if he wouldn't have protested the contract he was tendered as a restricted free agent. Jackson could return next season as the Chargers would be interested in keeping their number one receiver. The Chargers need Jackson more than ever as tightend Antonio Gates is showing signs of decline and the Chargers do not have a true replacement for him. However, the relationship between Jackson and the Chargers is not very good so Jackson will probably not be in a Charger uniform next season. However, there are plenty of other teams that could use a playmaker like Jackson.

Chicago Bears: The Bears have been lacking that big play receiver for a long time as Jay Cutler would love to have a target like Jackson to throw to. Johnny Knox is not a number one receiver as he would be better as a number 2 guy or in the slot. The Bears passing game could become a lot better with the addition of a player like Jackson as he could make the Bears a Super Bowl contender. This would force opposing defenses to play back which would open up more running room for the explosive Matt Forte to make plays. Cutler did well the last time he had an explosive receiver when he was in Denver with Brandon Marshall. The Bears are the favorite to sign him because of their need for him and they have plenty of cap space to sign him.

Washington Redskins: The Redskins need to make an upgrade over the aging Santant Moss as they are loking to attract a quarterback like Peyton Manning or Matt Flynn to DC. Jackson would be the perfect fit as he is the playmaker at receiver that could allow Washington to move Santana Moss to a number two receiver's role. Jackson would also be a good target for a young quarterback if they draft someone like Robert Griffin III. Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan was very succesful in Houston when he had the combination of Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson. Washington also has the cap space to bring in Jackson and a quarterback this offseason. The Redskins would be another very good fit for Jackson.
San Francisco 49ers: 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh has previously said that his ideal number one receiver is a tall playmaker who has the size to make big plays and Jackson fits those specifications. Michael Crabtree is a good receiver and should become a number one receiver someday but to put Jackson with him and tightend Vernon Davis would improve the 49ers' passing game by a lot. Just like the Bears, a better passing game would force defenses to play back which would create more space for Frank Gore. Just like the previously mentioned landing spots, San Francisco has plenty of cap room though some of that will go to keeping cornerback Carlos Rogers.

Tennessee Titans: The Titans were on the door step of making the playoffs this year as this team should be continuing to get better after a fairly successful season under first year head coach Mike Munchak. The Titans do not have a true number one receiver as Nate Washington is more of a number tow guy and Kenny Britt has been too injured to take over the number one receiver role. Jackson would give veteran Matt Hasselbeck a better target to throw to on the outside. Chris Johnson would also have more running room due to the improved passing game and everybody knows how good Chris Johnson is when he gets some running room. Tennesse has the cap room to not only sign Jackson but also resign cornerback Courtland Finnegan or find a replacement for him. Jackson would be an addition that could make the Titans better than the Houston Texans.

Where will Vincent Jackson end up?
Answer: Chicago Bears
The one advantage that the Bears have is that they have both an experienced coach in Lovie Smith, a very good quarterback in Jay Cutler, and a veteran lockeroom with players like Brian Urlacher. Jackson will get an immediate chance to compete for a Super Bowl which he never got that close to in San Diego. Chicago is the undoubted favorite to sign Jackson and I think he will be a Bear next season.

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