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NBA Trade Ideas: Dwight Howard Edition

Dwight Howard is the best center in the NBA and he has an expiring contract in the summer. Dwight Howard is not expected to stay in Orlando so the Magic are looking to trade him to get some sort of value for him. It was thought that the Magic could make one final run with Howard but the recent struggles have shown that it is time for the Magic to begin to rebuild and move Howard for some young, controlable talent. Plenty of teams would love to trade for Howard and some have the pieces to make a deal for Howard. Only a few teams have all the necessary pieces and the interest of Dwight Howard in going to that team. One question remains about Dwight Howard. Who will trade for Dwight Howard?

Potential Destination Number One: LA Lakers
LA Lakers receive: Magic C Dwight Howard, Magic PG Chris Duhon
Orlando Magic receive: Lakers C Andrew Bynum, Lakers SF Luke Walton, Lakers SF Devin Ebanks, Lakers PG Darius Morris
The Lakers have been very interested in trading for Dwight Howard as they want to pair him up with Kobe and Pau Gasol. When the Magic and Lakers played earlier this season, Howard dominated Andrew Bynum in the paint which showed how great of a player that Howard is. Bynum has the potential to become a great and is a really good center right now but Howard is truly incredible and the Lakers need to get him if they want to make another run at a NBA Championship. Howard has been interested in playing for the Lakers as he could be the next star in Los Angeles. The Lakers have been looking for another star to pair up with Kobe and they have tried when their Chris Paul trade was rejected by the NBA. Howard would make a truly great pair of stars with Kobe as he would be able to pass it down low to the best power forward-center combination in the league in Pau Gasol and Howard. Chris Duhon will be able to give the Lakers the point guard they have been looking for since Steve Blake is still injured. Duhon is another good veteran that will be able to play well in a role off the bench as the backup point guard. For the Magic, Andrew Bynum would not be Dwight Howard right now, but he has the potential to be as good as Dwight Howard. Bynum has been playing at an All-Star caliber level but that has not been as good as Dwight Howard but Bynum will make a very good pair in the post with Ryan Anderson. People have criticized the possiblity of the Magic getting Bynum to replace Howard but it does not make sense because Bynum has been really good this year and still has the potential to be better than Dwight Howard possibly. Bynum would be a good center to replace Dwight Howard in Orlando. Luke Walton is a good veteran forward who is in this trade more to get the salary cap numbers to work out. However, Walton is a good player that you can bring in off the bench due to his length and defensive talent. Darius Morris has impressed me with his hustle as that is the type of player that Magic coach Stan Van Gundy likes. Morris also is a good creator of finding a way to the basket when there is space by out-hustling other players. Morris is going to be a good NBA point guard as most players with Morris's level of hustle have success in the NBA. Devin Ebanks has the potential to be a very good scorer at the three as Ebanks was very good in college yet being traded to Orlando might finally give him the chance to play some and develop. The Lakers will have to give up some talent in this trade but Dwight Howard will give the Lakers a shot to make another NBA title run.

Potential Destination Number Two: New Jersey (soon to be Brooklyn) Nets
New Jersey Nets receive: Magic C Dwight Howard
Orlando Magic receive: C Mehmet Okur, G MarShon Brooks, C Johan Petro, SF Damion James, 2012 Nets First Round Pick
Dwight Howard has been interested in going to the Brooklyn bound New Jersey Nets as he has been interested in forming a dangerous duo of stars with Deron Williams. Howard could bring some excitement to a Nets team that needs help to make the playoffs this year as the Nets will probably be forced to trade Williams if they do not get Howard. Howard would definitely excite new fans before they move to the Barclays Center as he could possibly move to power forward if Brook Lopez proves he can be a very good center. Howard would be the perfect star for the spolight and pressure that New York brings as Howard is a truly elite player. The Magic will want a lot in return as the Nets will probably need to trade their 1st Round Draft Pick as the Magic would need to look for a replacement for Howard in the draft. This pick could allow the Magic to use their own pick on a center like Connecticut's Andre Drummond. Mehmet Okur could be a good veteran center to replace Howard for the rest of this season as his contract is up in the offseason. Okur's free agency could allow the Magic to go after a veteran big man in free agency like Kevin Garnett or Tim Duncan. MarShon Brooks was a great player at Providence last year and he has continued that this year as the Second Round Pick from last year's NBA Draft is definitely a potential rooke of the year candidate. Brooks has been averaging about 15 points a year as he has shown that he has potential to be a very good 2 guard. I think Brooks could be another Wesley Matthews at least or even a Richard Hamilton in his prime as Brooks has shown that he will become a very good shooting guard. I think Damion James has a very high ceiling still as I think he can be as good as Rudy Gay as he has shown some potential to be a dangerous mid-range shooter. Johan Petro is a good veteran big man that brings good depth to the Magic frontcourt. The Nets need someone to pair with Deron Williams to keep him before their move to Brooklyn so they should be willing to put this offer up.
Potential Destination Number Three: Chicago Bulls
Chicago Bulls receive: Magic C Dwight Howard, Magic SF Quentin Richardson
Orlando Magic receive: Bulls PF Carlos Boozer, Bulls F Taj Gibson, Bulls G Jimmy Butler, Bulls SG Ronnie Brewer, Bulls 2012 1st Round Pick
Dwight Howard has indirectly showed his interest in joining the Chicago Bulls through his recent comments as he would form a great pair of stars with Derrick Rose. Howard would be the best big man that the Bulls organization has ever seen including being better than Michael Jordan's number one low post threat, Scottie Pippen. Howard would get to pair up with a superstar that has a lot more potential still in Rose, and a very good partner in the post in Joakim Noah. Quentin Richardson would be a good scorer off the bench as he can get a team 6 to 10 points off the bench. Richardson would also be a very good backup for Luol Deng in case Deng were to get injured. The Magic are going to want some really good talent from the Bulls as they know that the Bulls are a major rival in the East of the Magic. Carlos Boozer would bring an excellent veteran prescene to the Bulls and allow Ryan Anderson to move to center to see if he could play center. If that does not work, Boozer could move to center as his experience could allow him to mentor a young center they get in the draft with one of their 1st Round Draft Picks. Taj Gibson would be a good upgrade over Glen Davis as the third big man as Gibson could use some opportunities to get more playing time in Orlando. Gibson would definitely have the chance to refind the form he had when he had a really good rookie season. Gibson would be able to be a 12 to 14 points per game player with 6 to 7 rebounds a night coming off the bench for the Magic. Ronnie Brewer is a good scorer as he would fit in Orlando as a sixth man or probably a good role player that can come off the bench and put up some points to change a game. Jimmy Butler has the potential to be a good role player or even like Brewer could be right now, a sixth man. The Bulls are already one of the NBA's best teams but getting Howard would make the Bulls a legitimate chance against the Miami Heat in the playoffs.

The prediction: LA Lakers
Howard has always had a huge desire for going to the Lakers as he wants to pair up with Kobe in the city of angels. He would love to join the list of great players that have played in LA that include Jerry West, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabar, Shaq, and currently Kobe. The Magic can also get the best package in return from the Lakers than the Bulls, Nets, or any other team Howard is interested in. Lakers fans should get ready for Dwight Howard to be coming to Los Angeles.

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