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Where will Marquis Colston sign?

The New Orleans Saints had one of the best passing games in all of the NFL led by quarterback Drew Brees and tightend Jimmy Graham. While those two received the most attention, Saints number one receiver Marques Colston put up big numbers and produced at a great rate as he had 80 catches for 1,143 yards and 8 touchdowns. Colston has been very successful for the Saints ever since he was drafted in the seventh round out of Hofstra. Colston is the prototypical number one wide receiver with his size since he is 6'4'' which definitely gives him a height advantage against a lot of smaller cornerbacks. Colston is one of the most underrated receivers in the NFL due to his presence on the Saints with Brees and Graham. Colston will probably be looking for a contract of around 4 years 40 million dollars as he is a true number one receiver. The question is: where will Marques Colston be playing next season? The most likely scenario for Marques Colston this offseason is a return to New Orleans as he is a key part of the Saints team. However, the Saints have to work out how to sign Drew Brees (who they will definitely bring back), offensive guard Carl Nicks, and Colston. Colston would probably be willing to take a little less to stay with New Orleans due to the Saints' Super Bowl chances. The Saints know that Colston is probably the best option they can afford as a move for a free agent like Reggie Wayne will probably not give New Orleans a discount. If Colston doesn't return to New Orleans, he could go to the San Francisco 49ers as they have a lot of cap space entering this offseason. After a surprisingly successful season, the 49ers will look to improve on their 13 win season as they hope to go and win the Super Bowl next year. Michael Crabtree was a good number one receiver for the 49ers this season but Colston would definitely be an upgrade over Crabtree. Colston is the type of receiver that Jim Harbaugh likes as Colston height allows him go up and outjump conrnerbacks as he gets the ball. Colston would give quarterback Alex Smith another weapon to work with which would definitely improve the passing game. This would force teams to play for the pass more which should open up the running game for Frank Gore. Colston would make the 49ers one of the favorites to win the Super Bowl next season as they would have more proven players on offense. Another potential destination for Colston this offseason is the Washington Redskins. The Redskins are looking to improve their offense and they are looking for an upgrade at receiver as Santana Moss is no longer a true number one receiver. The Redskins know that avery great quarterback needs an excellent receiver. Examples of this Aaron Rodgers and Greg Jennings, Tom Brady and Wes Welker, Drew Brees and Colston/Jimmy Graham, Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson, Eli Manning and Victor Cruz, and Matt Ryan and Roddy White. Colston would be a great fit in Washington if they draft a young quarterback like RG3 or Colston could help attract a veteran quarterback like Peyton Manning, Matt Flynn, or Kyle Orton. Colston would turn the Redskins receiving corps from one of the worst in the NFL to one that you would see on a playoff contender. However, Colston will probably prefer a move to a team that does not have concerns at quarterback like New Orleans or San Francisco. The Chicago Bears are also a potential destination for Colston this offseason as the Bears need some help at wide receiver due to the fact that Johnny Knox is not a number one caliber receiver as he profiles as more of a 2 or 3 guy that is good in the slot. Colston could give quarterback Jay Cutler a great target in the passing game as he would be the Bears' best receiver by a lot. However, the Bears will probably be more aggressive in trying to sign his teammate: offensive guard Carl Nicks, as they look to improve their pass protection for Cutler. The Jacksonville Jaguars will also look to sign Colston as they need a number one receiver for young quarterback Blaine Gabbert. Colston could give Gabbert a big target to throw to which can improve his confidence after his tough rookie season. However, the Jaguars are in no position to contend right now and Colston will probably choose lots of other teams before Jacksonville. The Denver Broncos could also go after Colston as he would be the leader of a young but extremely talented receiving corps for Tim Tebow. The Broncos have tons of cap space and could afford to bring in Colston as they look to improve before making another run at the AFC West division title. The Broncos receiving corps would look similar to some of the receiving corps that the Colts about 5 years ago. However, Colston will probably want to be in more of a passing offense but the chance to work with Tim Tebow could be very enticing. The Indianapolis Colts could go after Colston as a replacement for the great Reggie Wayne who is a free agent and probably looking for an immediate winner. The Colts have Pierre Garcon who has number one potential but is probably better as a number two receiver. Colston would get the chance to work with a potential star quarterback in Andrew Luck as his number one receiver on a team that could make a fairly quick turnaround.  Colston would have the chance to be in a similar offense as Bruce Arians' offense seems very similar to Sean Peyton's offense. However, Colston will probably want to keep winning so Indy does not seem like that realistic of an option. The last potential destination for Colston is the Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals have an exciting young quarterback in Andy Dalton who has a good receivng corps already led by AJ Green. Colston and Green would make one of the best wide receivng pairs in the NFL as it would be like having two number one receivers on the same team. This would allow Jerome Simpson to move to the slot which would give Cincy a very dangerous receivng corps with Colston, Green, Simpson, and tightend Jermaine Gresham. So where will Colston land: will it be a return to New Orleans, or will he leave for either Cincy or San Francisco? Marques Colston will be resigning with the Saints this offseason as the Saints will be a Super Bowl contender for at least the next 4 to 5 years. Colston wants another Super Bowl ring and he knows he will get a great shot at doing that in New Orleans. Colston will also get the contract he wants from the Saints which will convince him to stay in New Orleans.  

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