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George's Premiership Predictions November 26

Last time out George got 7 results right and 3 perfect scores in last week's games.

Saturday 26th November 2011

Stoke City 1 v Blackburn 0
Bolton 1 v Everton 1
Chelsea 2 v Wolves 1
Man Utd 1 v Newcastle 0
Norwich City 3 v QPR 2
Sunderland 3 v Wigan Athletic 0
WBA 1 v Tottenham 2
Arsenal 2 v Fulham 1

Sunday 27th November 2011

Swansea City 1 v Aston Villa 1
Liverpool 1 v Manchester City 0

Boas Constricted To Just One Season? – Chelsea Boss Odds-On For Short Stay
Andre Villas-Boas is now 8/13 with bet365 not to be in the Stamford Bridge dugout at the start of the 2012/13 Premier League campaign and 11/4 not to be in charge against Wolves on Jan 2nd.
bet365 spokesman Steve Freeth “Villas-Boas has barely got his feet under the table but the shelf life of a manager seems to be getting shorter and shorter.

“Chelsea are already 4/9 to win nothing this season, they could be playing in the Europa League instead of with Europe’s elite in a competition that the owner is very keen to win and we’re just 8/1 about the Blues finishing seventh or lower in the Premier League.
“When you put that spin on it you can see why we’ve gone from 5/6 to 4/6 and then 8/13 in a matter of days.”
Chelsea Specials
Will Andre Villas-Boas Start 2012/13 PL Season As Chelsea Manager
Yes 6/5 No 8/13
Andre Villas-Boas In Charge Against Wolves – Jan 2nd 2012
Yes 1/4 No 11/4
Will Chelsea Win A Major Trophy During 2011/12
Yes 13/8 No 4/9
Where Will Chelsea Finish 2011/12 PL Season
1st 14/1 2nd 11/2
3rd 11/5 4th 3/1
5th 5/1 6th 9/1
7th or Lower 8/1

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