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Live NFL Draft Coverage: Day Two

That is it for our day two coverage of the draft.

The Raiders make big Utah offensive lineman Tony Bergstrom their first pick and the final pick of day two as Bergstrom has the frame to be a high ceiling.

Despite a positive test for marijuana, Jayron Hosley goes in third round to the Giants. Other then the positive test, Hosley is a great worker and should be a good NFL cornerback as he also was very productive at Virginia Tech.

The Bengals have gone the best available route with Clemson DT Brandon Thompson which gives them more depth on the defensive line.

The Colts take the explosive T.Y. Hilton out of FIU. Hilton could be just like Pierre Garcon was for the Colts as he can be a return man to.

Atlanta takes a tackle from the state of Mississippi but it is Lamar Holmes out of Southern Miss and not Bobbie Massie out of Ole Miss.

The Patriots have gone after more pass rush help with Jake Bequette out of Arkansas.

The Saints get a big DT in Akiem Hicks from the University of Regina. Hicks has been playing up in Canada. He was able to dominate and he could be a really good player in a few years.

The Saints finally have their first pick in the draft now so it will be interesting to see what they do.

The Eagles have found a good young quarterback in Nick Foles. Foles will get some time to develop before getting his chance to start.

John Hughes is not on my radar as this is a reach for Cleveland.

The Steelers know how to develop linebackers and they pick up a successful one in Miami (FL) Sean Spence. Spence can be developed into a good player in Pittsburgh

Detroit finally has picked a cornerback and ended up getting some great value in ULL's Dwight Bentley who can be immediately a nickel/dime cornerback.

The Ravens have picked up a good running back in Bernard Pierce as I think he is one of the more underrated players in the draft.

The Bengals have found a good big receiver in Mohamed Sanu as he is a good pick, especially after the idiotic prank call someone pull on him yesterday. This is a good story.

Mike Martin benefited from being coached by Brady hoke which is why he has now come off the board.

Dallas has gotten a good 3-4 defensive end in Tyson Crawford as he should be a solid NFL player.

Arizona gets some secondary help in Oklahoma cornerback Jamall Fleming as he will be at least a good nickel cornerback in the NFL.

The Bears need offensive line help but instead they take Oregon State safety Brandon Hardin.

The Dolphins have found a good TE in Michael Egnew but I think they should have gone after a wideout like Marvin McNutt, Joe Adams, or Nick Toon.

The Jets get Arkansas State's Demario Davis who comes from a successful Arkansas State team. Davis has been rising up draft boards and gives the Jets another young pass rusher.

The Texans will upgrade their offensive line as they gain some depth with Miami OH's Brandon Brooks.

Bobby Massie might have found his destination in the Houston Texans.

The Seahawks are the team that has taken Russell Wilson. Wilson will get some time to develop and if Matt Flynn does not work out, the Seahawks will have Wilson. This is the first pick that is not a reach for Seattle. Howver, Wilson might not have too much of a chance in Seattle as I think Matt Flynn will be a very good NFL quarterback. Wilson's leadership is truely impressive and he could be a great leader in the Seattle locker room with his character and leadership.

Bobby Massie rose up a lot of draft boards supposviely but instead, he is still on the board here in the third round.

The Chiefs have gotten a high ceiling offensive tackle in Donald Stephenson as he was able to successfully protect Landry Jones at Oklahoma. The Chiefs have made a good pick.

San Diego needed a safety and they got one who knows how to play in LSU's Brandon Taylor. Taylor can be a good partner in Eric Weddle.

Russell Wilson has definitely become a major storyline in this draft as we wait to see where he will go.

The Dolphins have got a good young 3-4 defensive end in Olivier Vernon who could be a good complementary pass rusher to Cameron Wake.

Josh Leribeus is a high upside player for the Redskins but he also could be a bust so this is a definite gamble for the Redskins.

The Jags have madea big shock and taken a punter in the third round with Cal's Bryan Anger. Punters are not day two caliber players and the Jags could have probably gotten him in the sixth or seventh round.

Once again, a wide receiver reach this time by Buffalo as they take TJ Graham when they could have had McNutt, Toon, or Adams.

Devier Posey is not a third round pick and a huge reach by the Texans as they should have taken Marvin McNutt, Nick Toon or Joe Adams.

Ronnie Hillman is a good running back and a solid pick for the Broncos with the injury concerns of Knowshon Moreno.

The Vikings fill a need in speedy UCF CB Josh Robinson. Robinson is a high upside player who could be an effective player in Minnesota.

Trumaine Johnson gives the Rams another good young cornerback as the picks will now start flying in.

The Colts will have a great pair of tightends in Fleener and now Dwayne Allen. The Colts should have addressed another need though instead of getting a tightend.

As we enter the third round, there are some good players still available like Montana CB Trumaine Johnson, Miami RB Lamar Miller, Ole Miss OT Bobby Massie, and Michigan State QB Kirk Cousins.

The Giants took the best player left on the board in Rueben Randle as he can good, immediate replacement for Mario Manningham.

The Packers have taken a successful cornerback in Casey Hayward. Hayward has good leadership and knows how to play a zone cover scheme. Hayward can be a good cornerback for Green Bay though I prefer Trumaine Johnson to him. Overall, Green Bay is having one of the better drafts.

I do not get the pick of LaMichael James for the 49ers. The 49ers do not need a running back and he will probably a kickoff return specialist. I think James will be a bust though he could be a Darren Sproles type player if he develops some talent in the passing game.

One player that is a surprise to still be on the board is LSU's Rueben Randle. Randle will be an effective playmaker at receiver and will be a steal no matter where he is picked now.

The Ravens have found a big offensive guard in Iowa State's Kelechi Osemele. Osemele has a lot of potential as an offensive guard as he is a semi-reach.

Vinny Curry is a steal for the Eagles as they have Jason Babin, Trent Cole, and now Curry at defensive end. The Eagles have arguably the best defensive line in all of football. Curry will be a great pass rusher who reminds me a lot of Dwight Freeney.

LSU S Brandon Taylor could be the potential pick for the Eagles.

Tampa Bay has climbed into the second round to get Nebraska linebacker Lavonte David. David is an excellent player that knows how to track the ball and has a great work ethic. David will be an impact NFL player as he also has great speed. The Bucs are having a fantastic draft.

Denver has their quarterback of the future in Arizona State's Brock Osweiler. Osweiler has a very good arm and has all the capabilities to be a franchise quarterback. Osweiler will get a great chance to learn behind Peyton Manning.

Could Denver go get a quarterback of the future like Brock Osweiler.

The Steelers have gotten a high ceiling offensive tackle in Mike Adams. Adams has some real red flags as he has tested positive for marijuana at the combine, was involved in the memorabilia scandel, and has concerns with his work ethic. However, the Steelers could be able to help turn around Mike Adams as he has showed a desire to do exactly that.

Atlanta have found a very good guard/center for the future in Peter Konz as he will get to leran from some very good players. This is a great pick by the Falcons as Konz will be a steal as a center for the future.

Lavonte David and Dwayne Allen are candidates to be selected by the Falcons.

Detroit went and reached for a wide receiver in Ryan Broyles. Broyles will be a good player though he has had some injuries. Broyles can be a very productive receiver as Detroit is putting together a lot of good offensive pieces.

The Lions will probably look at Vinny Curry and Trumaine Johnson as Curry would be a great long term replacement for Kyle Vanden Bosch.

The Bengals have added some depth at defensive tackle in Devon Still. Still will get to learn behind a couple good defensive tackles as Still has shown good penetration ability.

The Bengals will probably think about LSU WR Rueben Randle.

The Titans have upgraded their linebacking corps in Zach Brown. Brown has a lot of speed and also had over 100 tackles this year as he is a tremendous athlete. Brown could become another great linebacker but the Titans should have gone with Lavonte David.

The Packers make another great pick to improve the defensive line in Jerel Worthy as we was very productive. He can make an immediate impact in the NFL as he should be a good 3-4 defensive end. Green Bay is putting together a very good draft class.

Green Bay will probably look at Jerel Worthy, Devon Still, and Trumaine Johnson as they look to improve their defense.

The Rams have found a good young running back in Isaiah Pead. Pead should be a decent running back but I think he could be a good third down running back due to his passing game ability. Green Bay has traded up to the Eagles' spot as we see another trade.

San Diego now has a versatile defensive lineman in Kendall Reyes who has a high ceiling as he could be a very good 3-4 defensive end as he will get to learn from Luis Castillo. San Diego is having a very good draft.

Trumaine Johnson is a candidate to go here due to the Chargers' need at cornerback.

Wow, New England has taken a huge reach in Illinois safety Tavon Wilson as he could have even been an undrafted free agent.

The Patriots will probably look at a cornerback in Trumaine Johnson or a 3-4 defensive lineman in Jerel Worthy.

The Seahawks needed another inside linebacker and they make another reach in Utah State's Bobby Wagner. Seattle is once again making a reach as Pete Carroll is making reaches like Al Davis used to do.

Lavonte David, Trumaine Johnson, and Dwayne Allen are all potential picks for Seattle.

The Eagles have found another linebacker to put beside DeMeco Ryans in Mychal Kendricks. Kendricks has a lot of talent and should be another upgrade at linebacker with Ryans.

The Bears find another playmaking wide receiver to put beside Brandon Marshall in Alshon Jeffrey. Jeffrey knows how to get the ball and he has the potential to be a great receiver that could be a bigger threat than even Justin Blackmon. I think Jeffrey will be a great receiver in the NFL as he could be the third best receiver at least when we look back at this draft behind Justin Blackmon and Michael Floyd.

The Bears need an offensive tackle and both Bobby Massie and Mike Adams are available.

With former great Chief G Will Shields announcing it, Kansas City finds a good offensive guard in Jeff Allen who has a good ceiling as he could be a good interior lineman to open up holes for Jamal Charles. Chicago has moved up to the Rams' former spot as the Rams keep trading back.

Kansas City will probably look at Claifornia's Mychal Kendricks and Illinois's Jeff Allen.

The Jets have found a receiver to put with Santonio Holmes in Stephen Hill. Hill has great speed and size but his route-running will need some development due to the triple option offense at Georgia Tech. Hill has a high ceiling and I think he will be a very good playmaking receiver in the NFL.

The Jets have moved up a couple slots as they definitely have a player in mind, possibly WR Stephen Hill.

The Dolphins have found an offensive tackle to pair up with Jake Long in Jonathan Martin who will be a very good right tackle as he was very successful at Stanford.

The Bills will be the team that takes Cordy Glenn as he could move to offensive tackle or stay at guard as he is a steal as he should have gone in the first round. Glenn can be a good player on the offensive line for the Bills. The Dolphins will probably look at Stephen Hill to replace Brandon Marshall.

Buffalo might end up taking Jonathan Martin or Cordy Glenn to improve the offensive line.

Carolina has found an offensive guard in Midwestern State's Amini Silatoly. Silatolu was dominate at the FCS level last year and has the potential to be an excellent player as he has a great frame to become a high quality player as Cordy Glenn continues to fall along with Stephen Hill and Jonathan Martin.

Carolina will probably look at Cordy Glenn and Stephen Hill with this pick.

The Rams have found a young cornerback to pair beside Courtland Finnegan in Janoris Jenkins. Jenkins has great talent and this is the perfect fit for him as Jeff Fisher can definitely help Jenkins off the field.

St Louis will probably look at Cordy Glenn to fill their need at offensive guard with the second of their three picks in the second round.

Jacksonville has filled their need at defensive end with Andre Branch as he great versatility and speed which could make him an effective defensive end. Branch is an underrated player that is a good pick for the Jags.

The Browns have made a little bit of a reach at offense tackle in Mtichell Schwartz as Jonathan Martin, and Bobby Massie were still on the board as I had them plus Zebrie Sanders and Mike Adams ahead of Schwartz on my draft board.

Please comment if you have any questions about the draft.

Could the Browns find their receiver in Stephen Hill, Alshon Jeffrey, or Rueben Randle.

The Broncos get a good defensive tackle in Cincinnati's Derek Wolfe. Wolfe was a very productive player in college and he should definitely fit in with the Broncos defense.

Brock Osweiler could be the pick for the Broncos as they look for a quarterback of the future though Jerel Worthy could be the possible pick at defensive tackle.

The Ravens have found a very good player to replace Jarrett Johnson in Alabama's Courtney Upshaw. Upshaw is a great pick for the Ravens as Baltimore has made a great steal in the second round pick. Upshaw can be another dominate pass rusher for the Ravens along with Haloti Ngata and Terrell Suggs.

The Colts have now brought Andrew Luck's tightened to Indy in Coby Fleener. Luck-Fleener can be just like Manning-Clark.

The Rams have found their receiver in Brian Quick but I think they should have taken Stephen Hill, Alston Jeffrey, Rueben Randle, or Marvin McNutt ahead of Quick, especially Hill or Jeffrey.

Day two of the NFL Draft is about to start as some great prospects like Alabama's Courtney Upshaw, Georgia's Cordy Glenn, Georgia Tech's Stephen Hill, and Stanford's Coby Fleener are all still on the board. Personally, I think Hill and Greener will be tonight's first two picks. The one player that could change that is North Alabama's Janoris Jenkins as a lot of teams want him due to his great potential. We are in for an exciting night of the NFL Draft.

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