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Live NFL Draft Coverage: Day One

It has been a great first round as players like Cordy Glenn and Stephen Hill will be steals tomorrow while we had the Seattle surpise in Bruce Irvin. However, the moves for guys like Trent Richardson and Morris Caliborne will be the headlines. Tomorrow, we will continue with day two of our draft coverage.

The Giants have got themselves a running back in Virginia Tech's David Wilson. Wilson has very good speed and agility. Wilson also has decent strength and produced in college. Wilson will be an effective NFL starting running back and should be at least as good as the Texans' Ben Tate.

The Giants could at Stanford TE Coby Fleener, Stanford OT Jonathon Martin, and Ole Miss OT Bobby Massie. Georgia's Cordy Glenn has some versatility which makes him a candidate for this pick also.

The Bucs get a running back to put some pressure or take LeGarrette Blount's spot in Doug Martin. Martin is a good all-around running back and has playmaking ability in the running and passing games.

Jonathon Martin and Bobby Massie are both candidates to be picked by Tampa Bay as they need a right tackle.

Wow, the 49ers have made a little bit of a reach for AJ Jenkins who is more of a late second early third round player. I have Stephen Hill, Alshon Jeffrey, Reuben Randle, and Marvin McNutt ahead of him on my board. Jenkins can be a good slot receiver and has the playmaking ability necessary to be a good slot receiver.

The Bucs have also traded back into the first round as Denver once again trades down and this time, out of the first round.

The 49ers will probably go after Georgia Tech WR Stephen Hill.

The Vikings have made an upgrade at safety as they get Notre Dame's Harrison Smith. Smith is a good safety ahd should be a good upgrade for the Vikings as he can also be a good leader.

Minnesota could look at S Harrison Smith, CB Janoris Jenkins, WR Stephen Hill, DT Devon Still, and DT Jerel Worthy.

Green Bay makes a great pick and selects Nick Perry out of USC. Perry produced last year and has all the abilities that you would look for in a great pass rusher. Perry will have a great career. Meanwhile, the Vikings have traded back into the first round as they jump in at the Ravens spot.

Green Bay will now look at Courtney Upshaw and Nick Perry as they could both be good fits opposite of Clay Matthews.

Kevin Zeitler was ahead of Cordy Glenn on the Bengals' draft board. Glenn would have been the better choice but Zeitler is a good player that can be a quality NFL guard.

The Bengals will probaly look at Georgia offensive guard Cordy Glenn.

Houston gets another pass rusher in Whitney Mercilus as this could mean that he will be a 3-4 defensive end opposite JJ Watt due to the prescence of Brooks Reed and Connor Barwin at outside linebacker.

Houston will probably look at taking a receiver opposite of Andre Johnson. That man will most likely be Georgia Tech's Stephen Hill.

The Patriots will now get to pair Jerod Mayo up with Dont'a Hightower as he could be a very good linebacker wherever he ends up being put.

New England has once again traded up, this time with Denver as the Patriots are taking advantage of their surplus of picks.

The Steelers are the team that finally takes David DeCastro as they needed to improve the offensive line. DeCastro will be the next Steve Hutchinson as he should go to multiple Pro Bowls.
Detroit has found the heir to Jeff Backus at left tackle in Riley Reiff. This is the perfect scenario for Reiff to develop in. Meanwhile, Pittsburgh will probably take Albama ILB Dont'a Hightower and he would be a great addition to an excellent linebacking corps.

Detroit might look at taking Notre Dame safety Harrison Smith as he would be a good partner for Louis Delmas.

Once again, it is great to see our Armed Forces honored for their service. Thank you to all servicemen and servicewomen.

The Browns have their quarterback in Oklahoma State's Brandon Weeden. Weeden will be a 29 year-old rookie but he could be a middle-of-the-road NFL starting quarterback.

As Jones is headed for Foxboro, will Cleveland take Weeden or is Stephen Hill the receiver that Cleveland really wants.

New England will now probably take Chandler Jones as the main question is: will Cleveland take Brandon Weeden?

Tennessee makes a big mistake and takes Baylor's Kendall Wright. Wright will not be Mike Wallace or DeSean Jackson and he will be a bust in the NFL. Wright will struggle to do well in the NFL as he will be a slot receiver at best.

Tennessee could go after a guy like Syracuse's Chalder Jones, Illinois's Whitney Mercilus, or Stanford's David DeCastro while the Patriots have traded up to the 21st spot in the hope of taking Chandler Jones.

The Bears have found a pass rusher to go opposite of Julius Peppers in Shea McCllelin. McCllelin should be a solid NFL player but I do not think he will be much more than that.

The Bears will probaly take David DeCastro or Riley Reiff as they need offensive line help.

The Chargers now get a pass rusher in Melvin Ingram who has great game speed and should be a dynamic 3-4 pass rusher.

I have had San Diego taking an offensive guard and DeCastro is the likely pick for the Chargers.
The Bengals get another cornerback in Dre Kirkpatrick though this is not a good fit as the Bengals already are loaded at cornerback with veterans. A cornerback on day two or early on day three would have made more sense. However, Kirkpatrick could be key if Leon Hall doesn't recover from his injury.

The Bengals could be the team that finally takes David DeCastro as he is still the best player left on the board.

The Jets get a high ceiling DE/OLB in UNC's Quinton Coples as he all the abilities but the one question about him is his motor. His motor will decide how good of a NFL player he will be.

David DeCastro and Melvin Ingram are both candidates to go to the Jets.

The biggest stunner in a while, Seattle takes a huge risk and takes West Virginia's Bruce Irvin. This is not a first round player but more like a day two player. What a huge mistake by the Seahawks as he has some huge red flags and is a low motor player. However, Irvin might be able to be a good defensive end if he improves his work ethic and if he doesn't screw up off the field.

Seattle will now probably go after Stanford's David DeCastro, though who knows how far he might fall despite the fact that he should be the next Steve Hutchinson.

Surprise, the Rams take LSU DT Michael Brockers. The Rams need someone beside Kendall Langford at defensive tackle but I am not sold on him. DeCastro and Reiff would have both been better picks for the Rams.

The Rams will probably go after an offensive lineman, either David DeCastro or Riley Reiff.

Fitzgerald's endorsement has led to Michael Floyd becoming a Cardinal as he reminds me of former Arizona and current Baltimore WR Anquan Boldin.

David DeCastro and Melvin Ingram are two possibilites though Arizona might decide to take Michael Floyd due to Larry Fitzgerald's public endorsement of the Notre Dame wide receiver.

Fletcher Cox will be an Eagle as he has tons of talent and should be a very good defensive tackle in the 4-3. He will also be helped by the fact that the Eagles have Jason Babin and Trent Cole at opposite defensive ends.

The Eagles have traded up to the Seahawks pick as Seattle will get the Eagles' first round pick and a couple other late round picks. This is probably for Fletcher Cox as they look to improve at defensive tackle.

Lots of people will call the Chiefs' pick of Dontari Poe a reach but I think he can become a great nose tackle that is as good as the Patriots' Vince Wilfork and the Ravens' Haloti Ngata. Poe can be a great young player

David DeCastro will probably be the pick for the Chiefs as they need an elite guard like DeCastro.

The Bills have surprised me and drafted South Carolina cornerback Stephon Gilmore. Gilmore has the potential to be a good cornerback as he should be a starter for a while. Gilmore could get some time to develop as Drayton Florence and Terrence McGee still have a year or two left as starters.

I would expect Michael Floyd to now go to Buffalo as the Bills could use another receiver.

Luke Kuechly is a great NFL prospect and Carolina will get to put him with Jon Beason and Thomas Davis. Kuechly will be a great linebacker as Carolina has the best linebacking corps in the NFC.

Four players that are possible picks for Carolina:  Dontari Poe (most likely not but I think they should), Fletcher Cox, Dre Kirkpatrick, and Stephon Gilmore (I have Kirkpatrick rated ahead of Gilmore but many prefer Gilmore).

Tannehill is now the quarterback of the future for the Dolphins as I think he has the potential to be as good as Donovan McNabb or Ben Roethlisberger (without the character issues).

This will probably be the Ryan Tannehill pick though you never know what can happen (Aaron Rodgers, Brady Quinn)

Mark Barron has come off the board early as he has gone in the seventh pick to Tampa Bay. Barron has the potential to be an Adrian Wilson type player as he knows how to pursue the ball but he could also be as good as Ed Reed or Brian Dawkins.

Tampa Bay could look at Boston College ILB Luke Kuechly as he would fill a need for them.

In a draft filled night, the Cowboys have gotten LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne. Claiborne can be an elite cornerback due to his very good bal skills and all around skills as this could mean an extension for Mike Jenkins will not happen.

The Rams will only get a second round pick from Dallas with the first round pick swap.

Justin Blackmon is now a Jaguar but the biggest news is that Dallas has traded up to the sixth spot as St Louis has traded down the board to Dallas's spot plus some other picks (probably a second and third or fourth round pick involved). This probably means that the Cowboys want LSU CB Morris Claiborne.

Minnesota now has a great left tackle in Matt Kalil who will be able to start over there for the next decade.

Tampa Bay and Jacksonville have swapped first round picks as the Bucs will get a fourth round pick also. This will allow the Jags to get a big time receiver for Blaine Gabbert in Justin Balckmon who could be a Pro Bowl receiver a few times in his career.

Minnesota is going to takeetiher Matt Kalil or Morris Claiborne. I think they will get their left tackle in Kalil with this pick

It is now official, the Browns traded up to get Trent Richardson, Richardson has all the talent to be a great playmaker in this division as the Browns will be able to run the football at a very high level. Richardson is the best running back to come out of the draft since Adrian Peterson and he reminds a lot of Shaun Alexander when he was in his prime.

RG3 is now a Redskin as the draft is about to get interesting.

We all knew it was coming but it is now official, Andrew Luck is an Indianapolis Colt

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will answer it.

It is less than 20 minutes before Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III become the latest quarterback duo to go 1-2 off the board as both these guys will be franchise quarterbacks.

The Vikings will get a fourth, fifth, and seventh round pick from the Browns so the Vikings will get some more young players to develop.

Tonight's coverage is already starting as the Browns have swaped the fourth overall pick for the Vikings' third overall pick as the Browns will take Alabama RB Trent Richardson as was reported by ESPN's Adam Schefter. This is a great move for both teams as this guarentees the Browns that they will get Richardson while the Vikings will get some more picks though we do not know which picks yet.

The latest updates will be at the top of the screen.

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