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David Wright: Where will he be in the long term?

David Wright has become one of the best players in baseball but he is also a great trade chip for the Mets in their big rebuilding plans. However, Wright is currently the Mets' franchise player and a long-term contract extension is definitely a possiblity. Wright has a team option after the season so the Mets have some time to work out an extension or wait for the right trade offer to move him for tons of prospects. So, how could this play out for David Wright and where might he be playing in the future.

The possibility that the Mets decide to give Wright the long term cotranct he is looking for is realistic. The Mets would love to keep their franchise player long term but they will have to put an offer similar to that of Ryan Zimmerman's extension and Adrian Beltre's contract. Wright will also have to be convinced that the Mets can make a fairly quick turnaround and become a World Series contender. David Wright could also get the chance to be one of the few stars that stayed with one franchise in his career and he could become a legend in Queens. The Mets would definitely be interested in bringing back Wright but the decision to see if Wright will stay in Queens will be up to the star third baseman.

If Wright decides he wants to leave the Mets for greener pastures, the Mets could get a great deal as tons of teams would love to have a third baseman as good as David Wright. Suitors for Wright could include the Philadelphia Phillies, the Detroit Tigers, the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Los Angeles Angels, the New York Yankees, and the Cleveland Indians. The Mets have the potential to get a really good deal for Wright with teams of this caliber that could use the upgrade at third.

The Dodgers are a realistic candidate to go after David Wright due to their strong start and the stability of the new ownership group of Magic Johnson, Stan Kasten, and company. David Wright would allow Juan Uribe to move to second base and give the Dodgers a tough lineup. The Dodgers would probably have to center a trade around 24-year-old second baseman Ivan DeJesus Jr. due to the impact that shortstop Dee Gordon has made. 19-year-old outfielder Joc Pederson would also have to be a part of the package for the Mets in a David Wright trade. The Dodgers would have to put in a couple of other prospects to get this deal to work but a David Wright to the Dodgers deal is realistic.

The Angels biggest need is a third baseman who can both hit and defend and David Wright is exactly the perfect fit in Anaheim. The Mets could also include lefty SP Jonathon Niese as the Angels have been looking for a good pitcher at the back end of their rotation. 1B/3B Mark Trumbo would immediately become a trade chip and could even be the replacement in New York for David Wright. In this scenario, 23-year-old SP Garrett Richards could be the replacement for Niese in Queens while 19-year-old 3B Kaleb Cowart would give the Mets a long term replacement for David Wright. The Angels would have to thrown in a few other prospects but this would give the Angels the third baseman they needed.

The Diamondbacks need tons of help at third base as a trade for David Wright could turn the D'Backs lineup into one of the best in baseball. Wright would be a huge upgrade over the D'Backs current starting third baseman, Ryan Roberts. The D'Backs could base their trade package around 19-year old pitcher Archie Bradley as his chances of being in the D'Backs rotation could be small due to the fact that the D'backs rotation for his 2014 ETA is already filled. 21-year-old third baseman Matt Davidson and 19-year-old catcher Michael Perez could also be key parts of a Wright trade. They will then only need to throw in an extra prospect on top of that as a David Wright to Arizona deal should be considered by the D'Backs. The only concern for Arizona is how much of a budget impact this will have as Wright may push the Arizona budget near its limit.

The Tigers could use Wright for a defensive upgrade but that would create an even larger logjam between Miguel Cabrera, Prince Fielder, and Victor Martinez as V-Mart would probably have to be traded. The Yankees would have to wait till the offseason to move for Wright as that would allow them to move Alex Rodriguez to DH. The Phillies need a third base upgrade but it would hard for the Mets to deal Wright to a division rival. Cleveland is an interesting possiblity as third base prospect Lonnie Chisenhall could be the centerpiece of a David Wright trade. The Indians could come out of left field to make this move just like they did last year to get Ubaldo Jimenez.

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