Jumat, 06 April 2012

John Tortorella: Just stop talking.

The New York Rangers are once again involved in controversy and once again, Rangers head coach John Tortorella is complaining about something that is a part of the game. The controversy was around Penguins D Brooks Orpik's hit on Rangers C Derek Stepan. When I saw the hit, I thought the hit was a little dirty but it is definitely not worth anything worthy of a suspension. Then, Torterella complained abbout how the Penguins whine about problems when he was doing the exact same thing. However, Tortorella always has to exaggerated things and complain to the media about the problem. This is not the first time even this season that Tortorella should have just stopped talking.

Remember back to only a couple of weeks ago when the Rangers and New Jersey Devils started fighting right when the puck dropped. Torterella complained about how the fight was orchastrated but he could have stopped it but instead he decided to send his fourth line fighters out there just like New Jersey did. Torterella then complained about Devils head coach Pete DeBoer sending his fourth line out even though Torterella himself did the same thing. Torterella got in a shouting match with DeBoer when DeBoer called Torterella a "hypocrite" and Torterella responded by saying "shut up." DeBoer was right about Torterella as he complains about stuff his team does also. Torterella needs to know when to shut up as he is making himself look like an idiot. Sadly, this is just the tip of the iceberg with Torterella and it probably won't be the end either.

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