Senin, 09 April 2012

The Bobby Petrino Scandal

This motorcycle crash seems a lot like the SUV crash that happened right before the Tiger Woods scandal started as both seem to have family issues. Petrino has admited to an inappropriate relationship with Jessica Dorrell who Petrino hired after this relationship had already started. Petrino's actions have thrown the whole Arkansas football program into disarray as the Razorbacks will need to evaluate the whole situation before they make a decision. Dorrell was never hired for reasons of improving the program and she should probably be fired but Petrino could very well end up following her out the door. Arkansas fans will want to have their Razorbacks in national title contention but at the same time, AD Jeff Long will have to weigh morality in to his decision on keeping or firing Petrino. If Long's decision does not work out, it could cost him his job in the next few years. Keeping Petrino could cause many people to question the morality of the Arkansas program and this may force the dean to fire both Long and Petrino. If they fire Petrino, they will have to go with an interim coach this year before finding a new head coach next year. This did not work out well for Ohio State last year as the Buckeyes finished 6-7 on the season. Then, Long would have to try to get a big time coach like Boise State's Chris Peterson, Michigan State's Mark Dantonio, or Louisville's Charlie Strong as all three of those guys would be great fits at Arkansas. The Razorbacks have some tough months ahead as AD Jeff Long needs to think before he makes the decision that could change the program forever.

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