Kamis, 01 Desember 2011

NFL Week 13 Predictions

Green Bay at New York Giants
Green Bay 28, New York 24
The Packers played very well against Lionsand are rested up. The Giants are a good team but the home field advantage won't be enough as the more talented Packers will win.

Cincinnati at Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh 16, Cincinnati 7
Both quarterbacks are having good seasons. For Andy Dalton, his streak of good starts will stop against a ferocious Pittsburgh defense. The Pittsburgh offense will be able to get enough points to win.

Atlanta at Houston
Atlanta 23, Houston 17
TJ Yates will get his first career start at quarterback. Yates needs to avoid making mistakes. Houston will only be able to run the football due to Yates lack of ability. Matt Ryan and the Falcons should get a huge road win at Houston.

Detroit at New Orleans
New Orleans 35, Detroit 20
Drew Brees should be able to throw the footbal all over the field. Detroit will struggle a little without Ndamukong Suh. Drew Brees and the Saints will keep their momentum going.

Upset of the Week: Oakland at Miami
Miami 21, Oakland 20

Philadelphia 17, Seattle 13
Tampa Bay 24, Carolina 20
New York Jets 20, Washington 10
New England 38, Indianapolis 7
Denver 23, Minnesota 21
Buffalo 17, Tennessee 13
Chicago 16, Kansas City 3
Baltimore 30, Cleveland 14
Dallas 31, Arizona 21
San Francisco 28, St. Louis 10
San Diego 23, Jackonsville 16

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