Minggu, 18 Desember 2011

The Other Free Agent First Basemen

Prince Fielder is one of the best first baseman in all of the majors. Fielder is the best free agent on the market but only one team can get him. For teams that need a first baseman but can not get Fielder, here is a blind comparison of two first basemen with the possibility of a comparision in which one player is a way better option than the other.
Stat                      Player 1                            Player 2
HRs                       19                                      10
RBIs                      59                                      48
Avg.                      .267                                   .306
OBP                      .325                                    .378
SLG                       .446                                   .422
OPS                       .771                                   .800
AB                         435                                    500
Number of SO         110                                  66
GP                           113                                   146
BB                           33                                    48
Opening Day Age    36                                    29
Player One will probably get more money than Player Two will even though Player Two is better than Player One. Player 1 is Derrek Lee while Player 2 is Casey Kotchman. People would typically think Lee is the better player but the numbers say Kotchman is better. I think Kotchman is one of the most underrated players on the market while Derrek Lee does not even deserve a starting job in the majors.                 

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