Sabtu, 24 Desember 2011

Cardinal Stupidity

Every offseason there are good moves, bad moves, and that one move that is just stupid. This year's stupid move was made by the St. Louis Cardinals. The St. Louis Cardinals agreed to a two-year deal with 34-year-old outfielder Carlos Beltran worth 26 million dollars. A player that only had his first full season without injury since 2008 is not worth 26 million dollars. The Cardinals see Carlos Beltran playing in right field but also playing occasionally in center. The Cardinals are crazy to think Carlos Beltran still can play center field. Beltran does not have the range to play in center. The Cardinals have Jon Jay for a reason and that is to play center field. If they want someone to give Jay a day off occasionally in center field, then they show go after a veteran like Rick Ankiel. Carlos Beltran has always been known as a power hitter. However, Beltran's home run production is declining very quickly. Beltran will not hit over 20 home runs in a single season in St Louis. Carlos Beltran is not going to be a surprise like Lance Berkman. Beltran also hit for an average of .300. If the Cardinals think he will do that again, they are out of their minds. The only other time Beltran hit in a full season for an average of over .300 was in 2003. If the Cardinals wanted a power hitter, they should have gotten Jason Kubel or Josh Willingham before they went off the market. Cardinals fans, get ready for Beltran to put up a statline of .270,15 HRs, and 70 RBIs. This does not sound like a player that is worth even close to a two-year deal worth 26 million dollars.

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