Selasa, 27 Desember 2011

Where will Fielder land?

Prince Fielder is by far the best free agent still on the free agent market. Fielder is one of the best hitters in baseball. Fielder has been rumored with multiple teams but his price tag has prevented him from having any major suitors yet. The Seattle Mariners have shown interest in Fielder. However, the Mariners won't get Prince because they can't afford to get him over 20 million dollars a year. Seattle also plays at a pitcher-frienldy ballpark which won't interest Fielder. Lastly, Seattle is not ready to contend and this will not help them much in a tough AL West. The Chicago Cubs are another rumored suitor. However, they have turned their attetion to Padres 1B Anthony Rizzo so they are out of the Fielder race. The Baltimore Orioles are another team trying to sign Fielder. One positive for Baltimore is that Camden Yards has the short porch in right whch is a perfect fit for Baltimore. However, the Orioles won't be a contender with Fielder and Boras does not want Fielder on a team that can not win immediately. The Toronto Blue Jays also have shown that they are considering a move for Fielder. The biggest problem for Toronto might be a lack of money as there has been reports that they do not have as much money as people thought. Also, Toronto may want to give a player like Adam Lind a shot at 1B. Carlos Pena might be a more realistic target for the Blue Jays with their budget. The Texas Rangers have money to spend and have been linked with Fielder. Fielder would also be intrested in the short porch in rightfield at Rangers Ballpark. Fielder would be apart of argueably the best lineup in baseball if he went to Texas. However, the Rangers are focused right now on Yu Darvish but they could still make a move. That leaves one team that Scott Boras will be able to pull in and get to sign Fielder to the type of deal they are looking for. That team is the Washington Nationals. Washington has a fairly neutral park. However, the Nationals have a team that is ready to contend right now. Scott Boras also has good relations with Nationals' GM Mike Rizzo after deals with Rizzo for Jayson Werth, Stephen Strasburg, and Bryce Harper. The Nationals also have plenty of money to make this kind of move. Fielder can also know that the Nationals are a young team that can only improve. Prince Fielder is the most prized free agent remaining with teams like Washington, Texas, Toronto, Baltimore, and Seattle all pursuing him.

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