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NFL Week 17 Picks

For many teams, this week's game will be their most important of the season. Week 17 will decide the final playoff spots that are available and the seeding of playoff teams. The only playoff team with nothing to play for is Green Bay. There is also the race for the first pick in the draft that will be decided this week. This is exactly what the NFL wanted and here are this week's picks.

Baltimore at Cincinnati
Baltimore 24, Cincinnati 17
The Ravens can lock up a first round bye with a win while Cincinnati can make the playoffs with a win. The Bengals were able to sell this game out which was good due to the magnitude of this game. The Ravens have not been that good on the road. However, Ray Rice will have a huge day as Jimmy Smith and Ed Reed will slow down AJ Green as the Ravens get a huge win and the Bengals miss the playoffs.

Tennessee at Houston
Tennessee 27, Houston 13
Houston has a shot at a first round bye while the Titans can make the playoffs if things happen just right on Sunday and a win. Mike Munchak has been rumored with the Penn State but has openly denied any interest in the job. The Texans still have not opened up the offense for TJ Yates and until they do, the Texans offense will be all Arian Foster which will let teams put eight in the box. Tennesse will dominate Houston, get a win, and make the playoffs as the sixth seed in the AFC.

Dallas at NY Giants
NY GIants 26, Dallas 24
The winner of this game wins the NFC East and is in the playoffs while the loser gets a head start on playing some golf down in Florida. The Giants have a lot of momentum after easily beating the Jets last week. The Cowboys' Tony Romo could finally get that big win on his resume if he gets a win Sunday. Eli Manning seems to be big in the big games and Sunday will be no exception. Lawrence Tynes will kick a game-winning field goal to put the Giants in the playoffs.

Upset Pick
Miami 28, NY Jets 17 [Jets miss playoffs]

Detroit 31, Green Bay 20 [Detroit gets 5 seed as the Packers' starters are rested.]
San Francisco 27, St Louis 10 [49ers get 2 seed, Rams get first pick in draft]
Minnesota 20, Chicago 13
New England 34, Buffalo 20 [New England gets 1 seed]
New Orleans 35, Carolina 23 [New Orleans gets 3 seed]
Philadelphia 22, Washington 21
Indianapolis 21, Jacksonville 13 [Colts get second pick in draft]
Atlanta 31, Tampa Bay 14 [Atlanta gets 6 seed]
Pittsburgh 30, Cleveland 10 [Pittsburgh gets 5 seed]
Denver 24, Kansas City 17 [Denver wins AFC West, gets 4 seed]
Oakland 28, San Diego 23 [Oakland misses playoffs through bad luck with tiebreakers]
Arizona 17, Seattle 10

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