Sabtu, 17 Desember 2011

Money Well Wasted

The Colorado Rockies recently agreed to a three year 31 million dollar deal with 1B/3B/OF Michael Cudduyer yesterday. This was a very stupid deal by the Rockies. Cuddyer's defense is only average and his bat is not as good as Ryan Ludwick. The Rockies could have signed Ludwick for a deal that is worth less tham half what Cuddyer's deal was. Ludwick's defense is almost as good as Cuddyer's and Ludwick is a better run producer than Cuddyer. The Rockies didn't need Cuddyer anyway because they already had OF Seth Smith who is just as good as Cuddyer. I'm not sure what Rockies GM Dan O'Dowd was thinking when he agreed to this deal with Michael Cuddyer.

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