Rabu, 21 Desember 2011

NFL Power Rankings

What a crazy week of football. Last week was odd, from Green Bay losing to Indianapolis winning and power outages at Candlestick Park. Here is my top ten in the NFL for this week with the NFC dominating the AFC.
1. Green Bay Packers
Green Bay had an off game offensively against the Chiefs. Aaron Rodgers will look to make a quick turnaround against a Bears team that is struggling. The pressure is now off to go perfect because of the loss so that should help the Packers.
2. New Orleans Saints
The Saints are playing excellent right now as Drew Brees has emerged as a serious candidate to win the MVP. The Saints will play an Atlanta Falcons team Monday night in which New Orleans has a great chance to impress.
3. San Francisco 49ers
The 49ers are playing very well right now. The 49ers' defense only allowed 3 points against the Steelers. San Francisco's defense has allowed them to be a Super Bowl contender.
4. New England Patriots
New England was finally able to beat Denver. The Patriots need their defense to improve before the playoffs or this team does not have much of a shot at winning a Super Bowl if Tom Brady doesn't play like an MVP which he has the ability to do over three games in the playoffs.
5. Pittsburgh Steelers
Pittsburgh was dominated by the 49ers on Monday night football. The Steelers risked the health of Big Ben which was not a bad decision by Mike Tomlin because Roethlisberger does a great job at protecting himself. The Steelers will be motivated to dominate the Rams Saturday.
6. Baltimore Ravens
The Ravens were embarresed Sunday night by the Chargers. The Ravens have had this problem before on the road at Jacksonville and Tennessee. The Ravens should probably rest Ray Lewis till the playoffs.
7. Atlanta Falcons
Atlanta is playing like the team that was a number one seed in the NFC last year right now. Matt Ryan is playing like he for the last few years. This Atlanta team is proving that they are a sleeper to win the Super Bowl.
8. Detroit Lions
Detroit got a huge win in Oakland to put them on the brink of making the playoffs. Ndamukong Suh's performance will be important for the Detroit defense. Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson is the best quarterback-wide receiver tandem in all of the NFL.
9. Houston Texans
Houston proved that their offense is completely reliant on Arian Foster. Foster is the most important player to any team in the NFL right now.
10. Dallas Cowboys
The expectations are rising in Dallas after a dominating victory in Tampa. Tony Romo will have to play well down the stretch for Dallas to make the playoffs.
The loss for the Packers takes a lot of pressure off. San Francisco excelled against the Steelers. Atlanta is a team with a lot of momentum and they have the talent to pull of a win against the Saints. New England proved that this team goes as their passing game goes. The Cowboys have a great chance to seal this division up this week.

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