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[ONLY FC BARCELONA FANS] Nevermind, Tweet on


Followers of FC Barcelona player Cesc Fàbregas may have been wondering around 11am this morning why @cesc4official appeared on their Twitter timeline, so here is the official news. The Spanish Federation has reversed its June 1st decision to ban the squad players from using social media platforms during the UEFA Euro 2012. Despite the lack of distraction possibly having paid dividends in South Africa seeing as they won the World Cup and all, Spain manager Vicente del Bosque had a change of heart. So now your favorite blaugranes will be interacting with you during their time in Poland/Ukraine.

The reasons are unpublished but I'd wager that the mindset of del Bosque is around players' morale. It's not a well-known part of the game, but players often become bored, unmotivated, and even lonely during international tournaments, especially in more foreign, less-cosmopolitan areas, like Gdansk, Poland. The truth is, with the celebrity status now attached to players, it is near impossible for them to leave their hotels aside from planned group outings where they are inevitably greeted with hundreds or thousands of fans. My opinion is that in order to avoid such feelings of isolation and enclosure in their hotel, del Bosque has realised this is an easy and relatively risk-free way of letting them retain an increasingly important and personal part of their normal life back home. So loyal followers of Piqué and the `moc-moc' crew, enjoy.

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