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Where will Ryan Dempster end up?

Dempster is prepared to move to a contender this summer.
The Chicago Cubs are commited to getting younger and rebuilding as the signing of Cuban outfielder Jorge Solar is just the beginning of many moves to replenish the Cubs' farm system. 35-year-old starting pitcher Ryan Dempster is definitely is not in those plans as GM Jed Hoyer will look to move him for some good young prospects as a part of the rebuilding project. Tons of contenders need help in their rotation so who will make a move for the Cubs veteran pitcher?
Atlanta Braves
The Braves have had tons of problems in their rotation as Jair Jurrjens was so awful that he was sent to triple A while Mike Minor has been awful and Randall Delgado has never been tested in a stretch race. The Braves have a good front part of the rotation with Brandon Beachy looking like an All-Star, and Tommy Hanson and Tim Hudson are having good seasons. Dempster would be the ideal upgrade for this rotation as he wouldn't cost the Braves too much due to his upcoming free agency and he could be an All-Star for the Cubs. Dempster's ERA is 2.35 and his stuff has been dominate which would give the Braves another battle-tested starter. The Cubs could use the Carlos Beltran-Zach Wheeler deal as a model for a Dempster trade as they could try to trade for young pitcher Arodys Vizcaino. The Braves need so help in the rotation and Dempster would be the best move that the Braves could realisticly make.

Cleveland Indians
The Indians might be in the contention in the AL Central but that will all be for nothing if they do not improve their starting rotation soon. Ubaldo Jimenez has not been able to refind his ace form while Justin Masterson has had a disappointing season after a strong 2011. Dempster would be the ace that the Indians desperately need as he has been getting the job done for the Cubs and he would provide a strong veteran duo with Derek Lowe at the top of the Indians rotation. Dempster has been excellent for the Cubs and would fit in perfectly in Cleveland's rotation as the Indians look to make the playoffs and win the AL Central. The Indians could intrigue the Cubs with 19-year-old pitcher Dillon Howard who is a major developmental player but come become a top of the rotation type pitcher. The Indians could also use young starter Zach McAllister as trade bait as McAllister has the potential to be a solid number two or three starter. Dempster and the Indians seem like a perfect match as this could be a move that happens around this year's trade deadline.

Baltimore Orioles
The Orioles have been the biggest surprise of this 2012 baseball season as the Orioles are in contention in the AL East. The Orioles have the stars players like Adam Jones and Matt Wieters to get to the playoffs but the rotation is going to need some improvement if they want to stay up with the Rays and the Yankees. Jason Hammel and Wei-Yin Chen have been the only two reliable starters in this replacement so they definitely need an upgrade if they want to stay in contention. Dempster is the pitcher that the Orioles need as he could be the ace on this inexperienced staff as he has not allowed hitters to get many opportunities to drive in runs with hitters batting below .210 against Dempster.  The Orioles could throw young outfielder Xavier Avery as a centerpiece as Avery can be the replacement for Soriano in the long term. Avery is an exciting young player that could be an effective leadoff hitter as he reminds a lot of a Brett Gardner type player. The Orioles will have to decide to either keep the status quo or make a move to improve the rotation.

Detroit Tigers
The Detroit Tigers have been a major disappointment this year after they made the big move for Prince Fielder this past offseason. Manager Jim Leyland and GM Dave Dombrowski are both on the hot seat as they could both be fired if the Tigers fail to make the playoffs especially after they were expected to run away with the AL Central. The rotation has been one of the problems for the Tigers as Rick Porcello and Max Scherzer have both struggled while Drew Smyly has never pitched in a pennant race. Ryan Dempster would be absolutely what the Tigers need as it would give them three dominant starters in Justin Verlander, Doug Fister, and the aforementioned Dempster. Those three could allow the Tigers to make a charge back up into contention in the AL Central and the overall playoff hunt. The Tigers could use young third baseman Nick Castellanos as a center piece as Dombrowski could use the aforementioned Carlos Beltran trade model. This could be the big move that the Tigers need to make as Detroit needs to turnaround or there might be some big changes coming.

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