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NBA Mock Draft 2

The NBA Draft is not too far away now as everybody is preparing for the draft on June 28 which could be one day after a possible game 7 in Oklahoma City. Now, here is our latest NBA mock draft. Remember, we will have live NBA Draft coverage Thursday night.

1. The New Orleans Hornets select Kentucky PF Anthony Davis.
Anthony Davis will be the number one pick as we all know that the Charlotte Bobcats are really on the clock with the number two pick. Davis will allow the Hornets to not worry about resigning Chris Kaman and it will also allow them to get rid of Emeka Okafor as he could end up having the amnesty clause used on him. Davis can be an immediate starter in New Orleans and his defense will impress fans and his teammates as he will be like Dwight Howard defensively. Davis still has soem work to do on his low post game on the offensive side of the game but Davis will be a star player in New Orleans for a long time.

2. The Charlotte Bobcats select Kentucky SF Michael Kidd-Gilchrist.
Many people have been thinking that Thomas Robinson will go here but that does not make any sense as Bismack Byombo is the power forward of the future. The Bobcats need a high energy small forward who can help turn around the Bobcats and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist is the right man for the job. Kidd-Gilchrist's high motor will make him a difference maker in the NBA as he will do tons of things that will not show up on the box score but will help the Bobcats win more games. Kidd-Gilchrist also is very good at attacking the basket and getting the easy points or kicking out to a wide open shooter. Kidd-Gilchrist needs to improve his mid-range game some but with his high work ethic, Kidd-Gilchrist will become a very good NBA player and could make an All-Star appearance or two in his career.

3. The Washington Wizards select Florida SG/SF Bradley Beal.
Bradley Beal has shown a strong ability to be an effective player on the wing as Beal showed some sgins of improvement from beyond the arc by the end of his season at Florida. Beal is a very similar player to Ray Allen in his shooting ability and his scoring ability reminds me a lot of Brandon Roy at his peak as he his very good at scoring from mid-range and attacking the basket. Beal will be allow the Wizards to move to a smaller, more athletic lineup with three guards starting in Beal, John Wall at the point, and Jordan Crawford at the two. A guy like Beal fits perfectly in DC as this gives John Wall another shooter that he can kick the ball out two.

4. The Cleveland Cavaliers select Syracuse SG Dion Waiters.
Reports have emerged that a team in the lottery has told Dion Waiters that they will take him and that team is high enough up that he will not do any more workouts. I think it is the Cavaliers as they need another scorer in the back and Waiters is exactly that player. Waiters might not have started for the Orange but Waiters knows how to score whether it be a pull-up jumper or if it is driving to the basket and getting a layup. Waiters would be a great pick hre as he can be a very good scorer that can get baskets in key moments from mid-range, at the basket, or beyond the arc.

5. The Sacramento Kings select Kansas PF Thomas Robinson.
The Kings need a power forward to put beside their young center DeMarcus Cousins as they look to build a dominant front court. Thomas Robinson might not be on the board at this point as teams are looking at trading up to snag the Kansas power forward but if their are not any trades before the fifth pick, then Robinson will be available and the pick here. Robinson is a well-developed big man that will be a very effective ply. Robinson can be a Al Jefferson type force in the post as he knows how to dominate the board and score easy points on post moves. Robinson also has a high-level of maturity which can definitely be used to help out the aforementioned DeMarcus Cousins. The Kings would love to get Robinson here as I think that could very well happen Thursday night.

6. The Portland Trail Blazers select Weber State PG Damian Lillard.
The Trail Blazers need a young point guard and Weber State's Damian Lillard can definitely be that as he already has the skills to start in the NBA from the first game. Lillard was a very dangerous playmaker last year at Weber State as he was one of the best players in all of college basketball last season despite playing in the weak Big Sky conference that has produced the Detroit Pistons' Rodney Stuckey. Lillard point guard that teams are looking for as he can definitely be at least as good as the Houston Rockets' Kyle Lowry. Lillard also is a good enough player that he can start from day one. Lillard can be a piece of a Portland team that could very well make a quick return to the postseason.

7. The Golden State Warriors select North Carolina SF Harrison Barnes.
Harrison Barnes was able to have success last year at North Carolina as a complementary player that Kendall Marshall was able to get the ball to when he had open, mid-range jump shots. Barnes is a good shooter that can be a solid NBA player as he can definitely be a fit at the Oracle Arena. Barnes can be an upgrade over Dorell Wright who is looking like a one year fluke. Barnes was one of the most highly-rated players coming out of high school but he has not shown the skills to be a star player and a leader for a team. Barnes can fit well as a complementary piece for the Warriors as he can help the Warriors build a playoff contender.

8. The Toronto Raptors select Conneticut SG Jeremy Lamb.
Jeremy Lamb is an all-around scorer as he has great explosiveness which allows him to create space to get mid-range or drive to the basket and get the easy layup. Lamb also is a decent three-point shooter as Lamb was key for UCONN this past season as they probably would have missed the NCAA Tournament if it wasn't for Lamb's season. Jeremy Lamb already knows what it takes to win from UCONN's national championship in 2011. Lamb is a great scorer and he can fit perfectly in Toronto's starting lineup at shooting guard with DeMar DeRozan at small forward as he has the size to play there. Lamb will be an excellent choice for the Raptors as he could definitely be an Eric Gordon-like scorer for the Raptors.

9. The Detroit Pistons select Kentucky PF Terrence Jones.
Terrence Jones lost his starting spot at the beginning of the season for the Wildcats but he regained it when they decided to use Darius Miller is a sixth man role. Jones was able to be a part of a dominant low post game for Kentucky with Anthony Davis. Jones has refined his post game over the last two years and he has been a good post player and rebounder. The Pistons need help at power forward as they already have a strong center in Greg Monroe. Jones can be a quality power forward in the NBA as he can be another piece to the puzzle in Detroit as they look to get back to the playoffs.

10. The New Orleans Hornets select Conneticut C Andre Drummond.
Kendall Marshall would be a good fit here as the replacement for Jarrett Jack at point guard but I think the chance to get a high ceiling center in Andre Drummond will be too tempting for the Hornets to pass up. Drummond has the potential to be a dominant center in the NBA as Drummond could be a complete NBA center that can do it all from score to rebound to block shots. However, Drummond is far from a sure thing as he will need to improve his work ethic or he will become a draft bust. Drummond is a gamble as the Hornets should really think about taking UNC PG Kendall Marshall over him. However, the prospects of Drummond will be too hard for New Orleans to resist.

11. The Portland Trail Blazers select North Carolina C Tyler Zeller.
The Trail Blazers are prepared to win now as long as they find the right center and Zeller can be an immediate impact starter for the Trail Blazers in the post. Zeller is already a well developed center as he is a very good scorer inill allow him to be effective since he will be playing beside an excellent post player in LaMarcus Aldridge. Tyler Zeller has been a key player in taking the Tar Heels to the Elite Eight of the NCAA Tournament as he knows how to be an all-around post player. Zeller will be a very good fit as the Rose Garden as the Trail Blazers look to make a very quick return to the playoffs.

12. The Milwaukee Bucks select Iowa State SF Royce White.
Royce White was an excellent player for Iowa State last year especially in the biggest games in the NCAA Tournament as he was ver effective in the first two rounds. White is a well-rounded player that can distribute the ball to teammates which makes him a good fit with Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis. White is also effective at crashing the boards and that makes him a very big threat for Milwaukee. Most people are worried about White's anxiety but I do not think that will impact his NBA career as he will be taken near the end of the lottery and could be an immediate starter for Milwaukee.

13. The Phoenix Suns select North Carolina PG Kendall Marshall.
Kendall Marshall can be the point guard of the future for the Suns as Steve Nash will probably leave in his pursuit of a ring while Aaron Brooks will probably look to go to a contender with cap space like Orlando or Utah. Marshall is a great distributer that was able to turn North Carolina into a national title contender as they could have won it all if it wasn't for the injury Marshall picked up. At the end of the season, Marshall started to become an excellent scorer as he showed the explosiveness necessary to get to the basket to get easy layups. Marshall is still an old-school distributing point guard like John Stockton and that is exactly who Marshall can be like. Marshall has the tools to become a great point guard as his scoring is getting better but he knows how to bring the best out of his teammates.

14. The Houston Rockets select Illinois C Meyers Leonard.
Meyers Leonard has impressed at all of his workouts and the NBA combine as he has shown great arm length which is key to be a great shot blocker. Leonard was a very good shot blocker at Illnois and he can be an effective player for the Rockets. Leonard also was a good post player but he still has some developing to do offensively as he can be the Rockets center of the future. Leonard will get some time to develop as the Rockets will bring a veteran center in to allow Leonard to develop. Leonard can be a quality starting center in the NBA as he has all the potential to be the exact player Houston needs.

15. The Philadelphia 76ers select Baylor PF Perry Jones III.
Perry Jones III was key to the success of the Baylor Bears over the past two seasons despite the fact that he was never able to achieve his potential. Jones has a high ceiling but his post game is not that strong right now and the 76ers will definitely have to work with him on that. The 76ers need a power forward to replace Elton Brand in the near future as Jones would definitely be a good candidate. 76ers coach Doug Collins knows how to get the best out of his players and he will do that with Jones as he can be a perfect fit for Philly. Jones has work ethic concerns but Doug Collins and the 76ers will force him to get rid of that.

16. The Houston Rockets select Washington SG Terrence Ross.
Terrence Ross starred in this year's NIT as he showed how great of a scorer he was and what he could have done if Washington was in the NCAA Tournament. Ross was an effective shooter from getting the easy layups to making some big shots from beyond the arc. The Rockets need a replacement for Kevin Martin as he will be a free agent after next season and Ross can be that. Ross will get some time to develop but he can be a part of a young Rockets nucleus with Kyle Lowry, Chandler Parsons, Patrick Peterson, and Chase Budinger. Ross is the right fit for a Rockets team that will contend for a playoff spot next season.

17. The Dallas Mavericks select St John's SF Moe Harkless.
Moe Harkless was the star this year for St John's as he was able to be the lead scorer under interim coach (and new Bobcats head coach) Mike Dunlap. Moe Harkless was an effective mid-range shooter and he showed that again when he impressed many scouts at the NBA Combine in Chicago. Harkless is also a strong defensive player as he can fit right in with the veterans that the Mavericks already have. Harkless still has some developing to do as he can be a qaulity small forward that can replace Shawn Marion. Harkless can be a really good player and a great pick here at number 17.

18. The Minnesota Timberwolves select Duke SG Austin Rivers.
Austin Rivers has been rumored with lottery but he is not a lottery-caliber player and this would be a good fit at pick 18. The Timberwolves need a young shooting guard as Wayne Ellington has not gotten the job done and Rivers would be the right fit. Rivers has made some big shots on the wing but he is lacks a lot of explosiveness which could cause him problems. Rivers has also been used as a point guard but his court vision is not good enough for him to be there. Austin Rivers is a good player with tons of upside but he will have to become more explosive if he wants to become a bigger playmaker and elite shooting guard.

19. The Orlando Magic select Washington PG Tony Wroten Jr.
Tony Wroten Jr was an effective player at the point for the Huskies in his one and only season at Washington as Wroten showed tons of potential. Wroten is a very explosive player that knows how to attack the basket but that is about the end of his scoring ability. Wroten is a very raw prospect as he has to develop his overall shooting ability and his vision. Wroten will get some time to develop as he will have Jameer Nelson as a mentor in Orlando. Some people have Wroten falling into the second round but he has too much potential to fall down as the Magic need a point guard of the future.

20. The Denver Nuggets select North Carolina PF John Henson.
John Henson was a very good player last season for the North Carolina Tar Heels as he will be the fourth from that team to go in the first round of this year's draft. John Henson was an elite rebounder for the Tar Heels last season as he was also excellent defensively as a dominant shot blocker. Henson will be able to make an immediate impact defensively and he has a good post game that still could use some developing. Henson could fall here because he does not have the same upside as some top prospects but he can be a steal at this point in the draft. Henson's great work ethic will allow him to fit in immediately with George Karl's team as he will be an immediate impact player for Denver.

21. The Boston Celtics select Syracuse C Fab Melo.
The Celtics need a young center that can replace Kevin Garnett and Fab Melo has the potential to be exactly that. Fab Melo has a lot of raw talent as he was key for the Orange this season as without him, Syracuse was not the same team. Melo knows how to crash the boards and be an all-around big man but he was limited in game appearances due to his academic problems. This could be a red flag as it could be a sign of a bad work ethic. However, Doc Rivers is one of the best coaches in the game and he get the best out of all of his players so Fab Melo can fit in Boston. Fab Melo has the potential to be a big time center especially on the defensive side of things.

22. The Boston Celtics select Vanderbilt SG John Jenkins.
John Jenkins is a very similar player to Ray Allen as he was one of the best three-point shooters in college basketball last season. Jenkins has already shown his skill from beyond the arc from his time at Vanderbilt as he is one of the best three-point shooters in the draft. Jenkins can make an immediate impact because of his abilities to shoot the three as he could be a very solid 2 guard in the NBA. Jenkins also is a player you want in at the end of games as he can make the big three or make a couple free throws to ice a game. Jenkins is a similar player to Ray Allen and seems like a good fit for the Celtics.

23. The Atlanta Hawks select Kentucky PG Marquis Teague.
The Hawks need help at point guard as Jeff Teague has not proven himself to be a NBA starting caliber point guard. Marquis Teague would give them a good distributer who can definitely be a starter in the NBA for multiple years. Marquis Teague also is good at getting to the basket and getting easy shots but his explosiveness is not elite as he will have some developing to do if he wants to become a quality NBA point guard. However, Teague has the work ethic to be a solid starting point guard as he will be a good player for the Hawks.

24. The Cleveland Cavaliers select Mississippi State PF/C Arnett Moultrie.
The Cavaliers need a young center who can play beside Tristan Thompson in the future and Moultrie is exactly that player as he can also make an immediate impact in this league. The Cavs do not have a long term center to replace Anderson Varejao and Moultrie can be that replacement as he was a very successful player at Mississippi State that was able to be a dominating force in the post. Moultrie can be an immediate impact player in the Cavs rotation as his skills are refined enough to make an impact off the bench. Moultrie can be a very solid starting big man in the NBA for Cleveland as they look to get back to the playoffs.

25. The Memphis Grizzlies select Memphis SG Will Barton.
The Grizzlies are going to need a shooting guard as OJ Mayo has not been able to have success in Memphis while Tony Allen is more of a defensive specialist and not much of an offensive force. Will Barton si an explosive player that knows how to attack the basket and score. Barton was very effective for the Memphis Tigers as he was able to be very dangerous in a speedy Tigers team. Will Barton also knows how to attack the glass and get rebounds as he is an impressive rebounder for a shooting guard. Will Barton will be a very good player for the Grizzlies as he can make a huge impact in Memphis, this time in the NBA.

26. The Indiana Pacers select Ohio State PF Jared Sullinger.
The Pacers need a long term power forward to pair up with Roy Hibbert as Tyler Hansbrough is not the answer at that position. Jared Sullinger has taken a huge slide down many draft boards after he was medically red flagged by NBA doctors for back concerns. Sullinger is still a talented big man and someone will take a chance on Sullinger. The Pacers make sense as they need a young power forward and Sullinger is a player that they can take a chance on and see what happens. There might be surer things available like Andrew Nicholson but Sullinger has a much higher ceiling and is worth the risk at this point in the first round.

27. The Miami Heat select St. Bonaventure PF Andrew Nicholson.
Chris Bosh has been playing more at center this season as the Heat have had success while doing that as LeBron has proven his verstility as a forward. Andrew Nicholson would give the Heat another scorer off the bench as he already has a very good mid-range shooting ability and is a very refined player with high energy and that knows how to score. Nicholson can become a starter after a couple of seasons in Miami and he can make this team even better then the current Miami Heat that just won the NBA title.

28. The Oklahoma City Thunder select Baylor SF Quincy Miller.
Quincy Miller porbably should have returned to Baylor to polish his game more as he is a very raw prospect that could have been a lottery pick in next year's draft. The Thunder have shown tons of patience in the past in developing players as that is a lot of the reason why the Thunder made the NBA Finals this year. In a year or so, Miller can be an impact player off the bench and if Kevin Durant moves to power forward, Miller could start at small forward or move to the four while Serge Ibaka moves to center as teams are looking at smaller, faster lineups. Miller is the type of player that the Thunder will look at as they look to keep this team a consistent winner just like San Antonio.

29. The Chicago Bulls select France SG Evan Fournier.
Fournier will probably not come over to the NBA for a couple seasons as he will get the chance to develop overseas before coming across the pond to the NBA. The Bulls currently have Richard Hamilton at shooting guard and they do not need to find a replacement for him that is ready next season so Fournier is a guy that can start overseas before coming over to America. Fournier is a fairly unknown player but he can be a NBA starter as he will get the playing time he needs to develop overseas before coming to the NBA.

30. The Golden State Warriors select Norfolk State C Kyle O'Quinn.
The Warriors need to add some depth in the front court as Andrew Bogut has been injury-plagued recently and Kyle O'Quinn would be a solid, refined player for the Warriors to draft here at the end of the first round. O'Quinn knows how to crash the boards as he proved that last year at Norfolk State and he showed the country how good he is when he led Norfolk State to the first round upset of Missouri in the NCAA Tournament. O'Quinn will be a good, solid pick for the Warriors at the end of the first round as he will be a good rotational player in the NBA.

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