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Where will Brandon McCarthy end up?

Brandon McCarthy has had another excellent season for the Oakland Athletics despite the fact that the Athletics are not in contention to make the playoffs this year. Brandon McCarthy is a free agent after the season and is a less expensive version of Ryan Dempster as both have been excellent this year but McCarthy is younger and costs a lot less. Oakland has traded tons of their best pitchers in the past to build for the future in 2014 or 2015 which could be played in a new stadium in San Jose. The Athletics are building for the future and despite McCarthy not being rumored with a move away from Oakland, a move will probably happen before the deadline so where will he end up?

Cleveland Indians
The Indians need help in their rotation as Justin Masterson and Ubaldo Jimenez have been major disappointments so far this season while Derek Lowe has cooled off after his hot start. The Indians desperately need an upgrade or two in their rotation if they want to stay in the AL Central hunt and McCarthy is the ideal upgrade. McCarthy would give them a true ace in their rotation as McCarthy could very well end up in Kansas City for the All-Star game this year. McCarthy has been able to get out of a lot of jams when he allows tons of hits but recently, he has come back from injury and been more dominant on the mound. The Indians could use Lonnie Chisenhall as a center piece of a deal as they could also try to get Brandon Inge from Oakland to play third base. Chisenhall would give the A's their third baseman of the future. The Indians could also throw in a young shortstop Tony Wolters in a Brandon McCarthy deal. The Indians have the potential to make the playoffs this year but they have to upgrade their rotation if they want to have a shot and McCarthy would definitely be that upgrade.

Chicago White Sox
The White Sox have been a major surpise as they are currently in contention right behind the Indians in the AL Central. The White Sox need to improve their rotation as it is weak after the dangerous duo of Chris Sale and Jake Peavy at the top of the rotation. John Danks and Gavin Floyd have been disappointments while Philip Humber is proving that he should not be in the White Sox rotation. McCarthy would be the player that could right in the number three spot in the rotation and replace Humber as McCarthy would give the White Sox another strong starter. McCarthy would take some pressure off of Chris Sale and Jake Peavy whenever they are on the mound as this would only leave any concerns about the rotation with John Danks and Gavin Floyd. The White Sox could center a trade around young pitcher Nestor Molina as the White Sox will have to throw multiple prospects at the Athletics. GM Kenny Williams will definitely have to consider making a move for Brandon McCarthy as he could be the final piece that Chicago needs to get back to the playoffs.

Atlanta Braves
The Braves are going to be in playoff contention this year as they have had a solid season so far but they need to improve their rotation if they want to stay in the hunt to win the NL East. Mike Minor has struggled this year while ace Brandon Beachy has just gone on the disabled list as the Braves could use a pitching upgrade. McCarthy would be a good fit in Atlanta as they could use another pitcher to strengthen their rotation to help their push to win the NL East. McCarthy has never pitched in the National League as he would have to get used to all the NL hitters but McCarthy would still be just fine in Atlanta. Pitcher Arodys Vizcaino could be the center piece of the deal as he would give the Athletics another exciting young pitcher. The Braves have all the pieces needed to make a move for McCarthy and it would not be a surprise if Frank Wren pulls off a trade to bring McCarthy to Turner Field.

Detroit Tigers
The Tigers have been the biggest disappointment in baseball as Detroit has struggled so far with a record of 33-34. However, the Tigers are only two games out of the AL Central but they do need to strngthen their rotation as Rick Porcello and Max Scherzer have both been disappointing and reasons why Detroit is not leading this division. Brandon McCarthy is the right person for the job in Detroit as he could definitely be an upgrade over Porcello or Scherzer as he would complete their rotation. McCarthy would mae the Tigers even better and they could take off in the weak AL Central and do what they were expected to do this year in the AL Central. The Athletics will probably start by asking for Jacob Turner but that is definitely not realistic. However, Oakland could get Detroit's young third base prospect Nick Castellanos as he would be the third baseman of the future in Oakland as he could be major league ready by this time next season. Rick Porcello could also be a trade chip or center piece in a McCarthy deal as he may need a change of scenery now to turn around his career. The Tigers are starting to chase down the AL Central leaders and McCarthy would make them unstoppable in the AL Central.

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