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NHL Free Agency: The Zach Parise Pursuit

Zach Parise will test the unrestricted free agent market this summer.
Zach Parise helped lead the New Jersey Devils to the Stanley Cup Finals this season as he was two games away from lifting the cup. Parise is entering unrestricted free agency for the first time in his career this offseason as he will become one of the highest paid players in the NHL as he will probably look for a deal similar to in the range of 10 years and $100 million. Parise will tons of options but where will he be playing next season?

New Jersey Devils
Parise was the captain for New Jersey this past season as he helped lead New Jersey to the Stanley Cup finals and he has been the star for New Jersey for the last few years. Parise has a lot of loyalty to the New Jersey Devils franchise as reports have said tat he would love to stay in Newark next season and for a long time. Parise is the star man for New Jersey and the Devils need to do everything they can to bring back their captain as he is going to be key to their success. Parise has been a 30+ goals, 30+ assists type player for most of his career and he is just entering his prime. New Jersey is definitely the favorite to keep Parise.

Detroit Red Wings
The Red Wings have a legacy for being one of hockey's dominant franchises and now they are looking to improve their team to make a run at next year's Stanley Cup and build another dynasty. The Red Wings are weak right now a left wing and have tons of cap space to make two or three big moves in the free agent market. Parise would be the best option for the Red Wings at left wing as he would give them an elite left wing to put beside center Pavel Datsyuk. The Red Wings are a favorite to sign Parise as he would be a perfect fit for the Red Wings and Detroit will do everything they can to sign him.

Los Angeles Kings
The Kings have just won the Stanley Cup and they have tons of cap space this offseason to improve even more as they try to repeat next season. The Kings want hard-nose, tough players that know how to play the game right and Parise fits that exact mold as the Kings need an upgrade at left wing on their first line over Simon Gagne. The Kings could use an elite scorer on the wing opposite Dustin Brown on the first round and Parise would be the perfect leader. Parise plays the game the right way and that is exactly what the Kings need.

Washington Capitals
The Capitals have been told by left winger Alexander Semin that he will be leaving DC this offseason and the Caps will definitely be looking for a replacement who is a team-first player. Parise is exactly that player and a proven as he could be a partof this new style that was brought to the Caps by Dale Hunter and his replacement will continue that mentality. Parise also gives the Caps a slight upgrade over Alexander Semin as Parise is one of hockey's players and has become a major star. The Capitals are the sleeper this offseason to sign Zach Parise as there is a potential fit between the two teams.

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