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Overrated NBA Draft Prospects

The NBA Draft is less then a week away now as all of the basketball world's attention is on it after the Heat won the NBA Championship in game five of the NBA Finals. We have already talked about some of the underrated players in this year's NBA Draft so which players are overrated. Also, we will have live NBA Draft coverage this Thursday.

North Carolina SF Harrison Barnes
A lot of scouts think Barnes can be a strong player that can create his own shots and can be a prolific scorer but his time at North Carolina proved otherwise. When the Tar Heels had a weak point guard in Larry Drew Jr, Barnes was forced to create most of his opportunities and he struggled to do that. Barnes was awful at creating his own opportunities and he has shown a poor ability at attacking the basket. Barnes has not developed any sort of post game which a lot of starting NBA small forwards have. A good defender can contain Barnes on the wing as he is most effective in the 15 to 20 feet shooting range. Barnes did better when he had a strong point guard in Kendall Marshall who knew how to set up Barnes. Barnes can be a solid small forward in the NBA with the right point guard but he is definitely not a top five pick.

Ohio State PF Jared Sullinger
Jared Sullinger was one of the most successful basketball players in Ohio State's history as Sullinger was a good college player but there are problems that make him a gamble for NBA teams. Sullinger was medically red flagged by NBA doctors for a bad back which is a major problem for a post player who needs a strong back to post up on defenders. Any concerns about back problems can cause him to be hesitant on the floor as he could very well have tons of back injuries. Sullinger also plays small for his size as his post game has shown tons of weaknesses. Sullinger is going to need a lot of developing and taking a chance on a somewhat raw power forward with back problems is not worthy about a top 20 first round pick.

Duke SG Austin Rivers
Austin Rivers made some big shots for Duke this year as Rivers is not a true shooting guard but he soes not have the skills set to be a point guard. Rivers is a good perimeter player but Rivers is not the best at getting to the basket and being an all-around scorer. Rivers also is not a distributer which is why he is not a point guard and Rivers also lacks the explosiveness to get to the hoop which makes him very containable for defenders. Rivers is a true perimeter player and many teams will be able to contain Austin Rivers. Rivers is not a great three-point shooter either and he should not be picked in the lottery. Rivers has a high ceiling he should not be a lottery pick as he will take some time to develop. Dion Waiters and Jeremy Lamb are better options at shooting guard as Rivers would be a huge mistake if he was taken in the lottery.

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