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Where will Bryan LaHair end up?

Bryan LaHair has been one of the few bright spots for a Chicago Cubs team that has been awful and will probably be trading plenty of players to contenders for prospects. With young first baseman Anthony Rizzo waiting in the minors, LaHair might be one of the players moved as tons of contenders need help at first base.So, where will LaHair end up by July 31st.

Cleveland Indians
The Indians have had a disappointing season from first baseman Casey Kotchman as they will needs some help there if they want to stay in the playoff picture.LaHair would be the perfect upgrade as he would give them another power hitter in the Cleveland lineup that could allow them to stay up with the White Sox. LaHair would probably force the Indians to cut Casey Kotchman but it would also allow them to use Matt LaPorta as trade bait to make more upgrades. LaHair would be a huge bost to the Indians' lineup as they look to win an AL Central that now seems more wide open.

Los Angeles Dodgers
Despite getting off to an impressive start, the Dodgers still could use some improvement at first base as James Loney is not a good enough hitter due to his lack of power. LaHair would be exactly what they need as he has the power to drive in runners and could fit in the lineup at cleanup or most likely in the fifth spot. The Dodgers could use young second baseman Ivan DeJesus Jr. as a trade chip in this deal as Darwin Barney is not the long term solution at second base. A deal for LaHair is very realistic and he could be the player that sures up the Dodgers lineup and makes them the favorite to win the National League pennant.

Miami Marlins
The Marlins have had a disappointing performance so far this year from first baseman Gaby Sanchez as Bryan LaHair would be the perfect fit in the lineup. With guys like Jose Reyes and Emilio Bonifacio at the top of the lineup, LaHair would give the Marlins another power hitter to put beside Giancarlo Stanton. LaHair would fit in perfectly with the Marlins and Miami also has the prospects to make a move as young third baseman Matt Dominguez could be a centerpiece of a trade for LaHair. The Marlins have the ability to make a move for a big time bat like LaHair and this can help them in the battle to win the NL East.

San Francisco Giants
The Giants could use some offense especially at first base as both Brandon Belt and Aubrey Huff have struggled to produce offensively and Bryan LaHair would be that perfect upgrade. LaHair would be very good at AT&T Park as he would be able to pull tons of home runs down the right field line as LaHair could end up with 30 to 40 homers. Belt could be the center piece of a deal as Belt has the ability to move to the outfield and become a 30 home run, 90 RBI type player. LaHair wouldd be a great addition to a weak San Francisco offense as the Giants look to get back to the playoffs as a wild card or possibly NL West champions.

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