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Summer Transfer Window Euro Edition: Russia's Alan Dzagoev

Dzagoev knocks a goal past Petr Cech. Picture via The Mirror
Euro 2012 is a big stage for some players to become known across Europe and force a move to a bigger club with a top-tier performance. Alan Dzagoev did exactly that in Russia's 4-1 win over the Czech Republic as he was very impressive with two goals due to great instincts and excellent finishing. Dzagoev is going to interest a lot of the big time clubs in Europe as he is only 21 years old and has the potential to be one of the best players in Europe. Dzagoev is also affordable as he will probably cost around 15 to 20 million euros (18.75 to 25 million euros) so who will sign Dzagoev?

Arsene Wenger has been recently linked with a move for Dzagoev as he seems like the prototypical player that the Gunners go after. Dzagoev is a young star that can fit in with Jack Wilshere and Alex Song in an Arsenal midfield as Dzagoev has tons of talent and creative skills. Dzagoev has a knack for being in the right place at the right time and this would make him valuable and very dangerous behind Robin van Persie in an attacking midfield role. Dzagoev is an excellent young talent and Arsenal is a club that knows how to develop those type of players. A move to the Emirates would be a great choice for Arsenal.

Manchester United
Sir Alex Ferguson is looking for a young, creative influence in the central of midfield and Dzagoev is exactly that for United. Dzagoev would get to learn beside one of the best central midfielders in the last couple decades, Paul Scholes. Dzagoev has tons of excellent instincts that would allow him to be a perfect fit for United. Dzagoev also knows when he needs to be to get the ball to the strikers and that could allow United to take off with Dzagoev getting the ball up to Wayne Rooney, Chichirito Hernandez, and Danny Welbeck. Dzagoev would be more affordable than a lot of the other central midfielders like Ganso but he is just as good as those other midfielders and would be a steal for United.

Schalke has been rumored with a move for Tottenham attacking midfielder Rafael Van der Vaart but Van der Vaart will not easily leave White Hart Lane so they could look at Alan Dzagoev who is not much more expensive and way younger. Dzagoev plays the same position as Van der Vaart and Schalke would be a climbing up the ladder over the Russian Premier League. Schalke also is in next year's Champions League just like United and Arsenal so that will interest him. Schalke can almost guarentee him a starting spot which is a little better than what Arsenal and Manchester United can say. Dzagoev creativity and instincts make him a great fit for Schalke as they are in the market for a creative attacking midfielder.

Malaga is looking to improve for next year after they barely got into the Champions League final qualification stage. Malaga is cash-rich and could bid right with these other teams and they can offer Dzagoev a spot in their starting XI. Dzagoev would be the young creative influence that they need in the midfield if they want to be able to start to compete with Real Madrid and Barcelona for La Liga titles. Malaga will definitely be a suitore for Russia's brightest young star as Dzagoev could very well end up in La Liga.

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