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Re: [Mufc] The Queen's Diamond Jubilee.


I love that we are discussing this on a day we finally signed a midfielder!

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> >T hank you M'am for 60 glorious years as our Queen Elizabeth II.
> Hmm. The monarchy are leeches as much as the Glazers - siphoning off
> millions from doing very little. It is 2012 and we still prop up a family
> who believe in having superior blood lines and who expect people to bow
> down to them. How people can say it makes them "proud" to be British is
> perverse. The foundation of the monarchy is bloody conquest; it's not
> really something to be proud of. Their careers and wealth are guaranteed
> just being who they are. If you're going to be vicariously "proud" of
> something or someone, let it be the likes of Dickens, Bell, Shakespeare and
> Charles Darwin. People who've enriched society intellectually.
> This day and age and we still have a royal family. The idea was
> preposterous centuries ago, it is still preposterous now, something that
> should have been confined to history to go beside stories about dungeons
> and dragons.
> Bernie

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