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Re: [Mufc] The Queen's Diamond Jubilee.


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>T hank you M'am for 60 glorious years as our Queen Elizabeth II.

Hmm. The monarchy are leeches as much as the Glazers - siphoning off millions from doing very little. It is 2012 and we still prop up a family who believe in having superior blood lines and who expect people to bow down to them. How people can say it makes them "proud" to be British is perverse. The foundation of the monarchy is bloody conquest; it's not really something to be proud of. Their careers and wealth are guaranteed just being who they are. If you're going to be vicariously "proud" of something or someone, let it be the likes of Dickens, Bell, Shakespeare and Charles Darwin. People who've enriched society intellectually.

This day and age and we still have a royal family. The idea was preposterous centuries ago, it is still preposterous now, something that should have been confined to history to go beside stories about dungeons and dragons.

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