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Re: [Mufc] The Queen's Diamond Jubilee.


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> That's Berni...the sky is falling....
> Not a thought for the hundreds of millions of pounds that the UK
> makes in Tourism because of the Royal Family, they pay their way and then some!
>     Imagine a London or UK with the Royals, doesn't bear thinking about!

A specious argument. It is sad that people still wish to be ruled this way as long as it "brings in tourists and money". Akin to "as long as we win trophies, the Glazers are OK by me". There is a bigger picture. Only the Tower of London is in the top 20 of most visited attractions, they don't generate that much but cost upwards of £200m. That pays for 8,000 or so nurses every year - no one can justify spending £200m on one family when it could be used to benefit thousands. In regards to tourism, you can't pay £10 and go and ride the Queen can you? Unless you're Philip. 

Besides, getting rid of the monarchy would bring in more tourists, look at Versailles in Paris. Kick the monarchy out of Buckingham Palace and the tourists would roll in. 

> Anyway, welcome to the real Royal family Kagawa.

There is no doubting his ability, just whether or not he settles. Reports in Japan say Fergie told him he will be used behind a striker and not shunted deeper or out wide. Hopefully those are true, though Fergie probably told that to Anderson before Anderson joined! Kagawa started on the left, Honda has central duties, on the weekend against Oman and Kagawa set up a goal by drifting in. He is a very intelligent player and drifts into spaces to do damage.

If we can sign a ball playing midfielder who has pace, and can stay fit, we will go close to winning the title. Think we'll sell Anderson and Berbatov to fund this midfielder though.


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