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Re: [Mufc] New Striker - Angelo Henriquez


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> Polish friend was also saying that Lewandowski might be going to
> United (reports from Polish media). Just saw him in Poland's opener - he
> looks an interesting prospect. He's fast, strong and works hard. Stamina
> might be an issue.... but I don't think we'll sign another striker - not
> until Welback fails.

Our front four will be Rooney, Welbeck, Hernandez and Kagawa (if he signs). Hernandez must be hoping we sign Kagawa as Kagawa can play the early through-ball with either foot so Hernandez might not be off-side as much. Hernandez came top for off-sides this season (minutes per off-side). Like Inzhagi, he was born off-side.

We'll sell Macheda, Berbatov and Anderson to fund a genuine central midfielder. 

A video for Angelo Henriquez -


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