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[ONLY FC BARCELONA FANS] First FCB Escola Campus in Turkey


On Monday in Istanbul, FC Barcelona presented its first FCB Escola project in Turkey, which consists of the organisation of two football campuses that will be held next July and November in the Turkish capital

The project, financed and sponsored by the telecommunications company Avea, will cater for a total of 240 children selected from different places around the country.

Former FCB player Josep Moratalla, along with the director of FCB Escola, Xevi Marcé, with the participation of Avea Vice President of Technology Coþkun Þahin, were responsible for presenting on Monday in Istanbul these two official campuses that will be held next July and November and will host some 240 children aged between 9 and 14 years.

4,500 aspirants

They will be selected out of a trial process, supervised by the managers of FCB Escola, which will involve the participation of 4,500 aspirants from different cities around the country.

The cities chosen for this selection process are Smyrna, Istanbul and Van. As fate would have it, the latter is a city that was recently hit by a heavy earthquake and some of the children were affected by the catastrophe.

This first campus will be held on the facilities of the Turkish Federation of Schools Sport in Istanbul. The children's stay will be financed by grants from Avea, FC Barcelona's sponsors in the region.

Coþkun Þahin reminding Avea also took 18 young footballers from such different cities like Hakkari, Diyarbakýr, Samsun, Ýzmir, etc. to training at FC Barcelona premises, within the scope of the "Kids of Turkey, Stars of the World" project, stated that they brought FCBEscola Camp Avea to Turkey, in order to allow more young talents to benefit from the youth system.

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