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NBA Mock Draft

The New Orleans Hornets won the lottery as the draft order is now set for this year's NBA Draft. This year's draft is loaded with talent as their could be a few future all-stars in this draft.

1. The New Orleans Hornets select Kentucky PF Anthony Davis
No surprise here, Davis will get to play professional basketball in the city where he won the NCAA Championship this year and in the building where Kentucky lost to Vanderbilt in the SEC Championship. Davis will be an immediate impact player for the Hornets as he can form a very dangerous duo with star guard Eric Gordon. Davis's defense is excellent and his post game is rapidly improving as Davis will make plenty of All-Star appearances. With the tenth pick also in this draft, the Hornets will be able to build a very dangerous team as Gordon and Davis are the building blocks for success in the Big Easy.

2. The Charlotte Bobcats Kentucky SF Michael Kidd-Gilchrist
The Bobcats were disappointed to not win the number one pick in the lottery as they are looking to move the number two pick now though they might just want to stay here. If they do, the Bobcats will take Anthony Davis's teammate, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. Kidd-Gilchrist is a great player to have as he knows how to do the little things that may not show up in the box score and he always goes 100% every single game which will be key for a Charlotte turnaround. Kidd-Gichrist will be a good pick at the number two slot.

3. The Washington Wizards select Florida SG Bradley Beal.
The Wizards have been debating between taking Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Bradley Beal as this third pick will allow that choice to most likely be made for them. Beal will be the one left and can book a ticket for the nation's capital to meet up with John Wall and company. Beal has tons of ability to be a dangerous wing scorer as he has some shooting ability from beyond the arc. Beal also has the potential to be able to slow down guards on the wing as he could be a Wesley Matthews type player or even better. Beal will be a quality NBA starter for a long time as the Wizards look to climb out of futility.

4. The Cleveland Cavaliers select Connecticut SG Jeremy Lamb
This is where the draft starts to get interesting as the best player left on the board, Thomas Robinson, is not a fit for the Cavs while a guard or small forward is a better fit. The Cavs will definitely have to look at two players, SF Harrison Barnes and SG Jeremy Lamb. I think Lamb is a slightly better player and is the ideal pick here for the Cavaliers as he can form a very dangerous back court with rookie of the year Kyrie Irving. Lamb is a very dangerous scorer and can improve the Cavs offense even more. The Cavaliers may not be too far away from a return to the postseason.

5. The Sacramento Kings select Kansas PF Thomas Robinson.
Robinson is one of the best players in this year's NBA Draft and is very much a sure thing as he is a very refined power forward. The Kings would love a very refined player like Robinson to put beside DeMarcus Cousins. Robinson also brings a high motor and can help pass that along to Robinson which can help the Kings in the long term. Robinson and Cousins can also become a great rebounding tandem on the offensive and defensive boards and this can allow the Kings to get more second chance points. Robinson and the Kings are a great match for each other.

6. The Portland Trail Blazers select Connecticut C Andre Drummond.
The Trail Blazers have a very strong young corps of players with LaMarcus Aldridge, Nicolas Batum, and Wesley Matthews. Drummond is a very raw talent that could be the next Kwame Brown or worse, the next Hasheem Thabeet if he is not developed properly and if he does not have the right work ethic. However, Drummond has tue build of a potential star at center just like the Lakers' Andrew Bynum. Drummond is a hit or miss prospect and the Trail Blazers will probably to intrigued to pass it up.

7. The Golden State Warriors select North Carolina SF Harrison Barnes.
The Warriors are building a fairly strng lineup and Barnes would be the perfect addition as Dorrell Wright is semming like a one-year fluke for Golden State. Barnes is more of a natural wing player and could really fit in well with Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson on the perimeter. Barnes is a good mid-range shooter and could be effective in a high-scoring Golden State offense. Barnes can be a good rotation player that becomes a starter after a year for the Warriors.

8. The Toronto Raptors select Weber State PG Damian Lillard.
The Raptors have an aging point guard in Spaniard Jose Calderon as Damian Lillard could be groomed to replace Calderon after a season or Steve Nash after two years if he goes to Toronto. Lillard dominated in the Big Sky conference for Weber State as Lillard showed a lot of talent and the ability to be a starting point guard in the NBA. Lillard has a proven ability in getting to the basket and scoring which will allow him to be very effective in the NBA. Lillard can be the Raptors point guard of the future.

9. The Detroit Pistons select Ohio State PF Jared Sullinger.
The Pistons need a young power forward as Jason Maxiell is not a long term answer for the Pistons. Sullinger would be the perfect fit as he is not much of a risk and can be a quality NBA player as he knows how to score points. Sullinger lack of size and strength is a concern as it could allow him to only be a rotational player and not a starter. However, Sullinger is not that much of a gamble and will be a good pick at number nine.

10, The New Orleans Hornets select North Carolina PG Kendall Marshall.
The Hornets need to find a young point guard as Jarrett Jack is more of a temporary fill in to put alongside Eric Gordon in the backcourt. Kendall Marshall is the perfect choice as he reminds me a lot of another NBA point guard that is having a really good career, Rajon Rondo. Like Rondo, Marshall has shown an ability to make excellent decisions and make sure the ball is in the hands of the right player at the right time. Marshall has also shown some ability to attack the basket as Marshall is a fairly complete player as Marshall, Gordon, and Anthony Davis could form a samll big three.

11. The Portland Trail Blazers select North Carolina C Tyler Zeller.
Yes, the Trail Blazers have already picked a center but Drummond is more of a developmental player while Zeller can be an immediate impact player for a Portland team that could be dangerous in the Western Conference. Zeller is already a very refined player and is a very strong scorer in the post as Zeller could be an immediate starter for Portland. Zeller can be a very effective player at center until Drummond is ready or he can be the permanent replacement if Drummond does not work out. Zeller gives the Trail Blazers a little security at center.

12. The Milwaukee Bucks select Washington SG/SF Terrence Ross.
Dion Waiters might be a better fit here but the Bucks need someone who has the size to be a three and Waiters is not that so the next option that is a fit is Washington guard Terrence Ross who has the size to fit in for Milwaukee. Terrence Ross is still a pretty good player as he was excellent in the NIT for the Huskies and showed off his excellent scoring ability. Ross will be able to be a strong scorer in the NBA as the Bucks will put up tons of points in the NBA next year.

13. The Phoenix Suns select Baylor PF Perry Jones III.
The Suns are looking to build for the future as Steve Nash seems set to leave the desert in search of a NBA Champiosnhip for a team like Miami or the Lakers. Jones can be a part of this team for the future as Jones has tons of upside and has some range for a 6' 11' power forward. Jones still needs to develop a low post game but I think he could be the starting power forward in a year or two for the Suns as a frontcourt of Jones and Marcin Gortat with Markieff Morris on the bench has the potential to be really good. Jones would be the optimal pick for the Suns.

14. The Houston Rockets select Syracuse SG Dion Waiters.
The Rockets have a very good shooting guard in Kevin Martin but he will be a free agent next year and the Rockets need to find his replacement as he could be a target for the Nets or Jazz after next year. Waiters would be the perfect replacement as he knows how to score and could be effective off the bench in his rookie season as he is used to a sixth man role from his time at Syracuse. Waiters is a true scorer as he will be able to be like Kevin Martin except he is slightly better at getting to the basket then Martin. Waiters would be the perfect fit in Houston.

15. The Philadelphia 76ers select Kentucky PF Terrence Jones.
Elton Brand is aging and Craig Brackens does not seem like the replacement in the long term for Brand. Terrence Jones could be that replacement as he will fit in immediately with the 76ers due to the fact that he understands his role will not be as a starter at first just like it was at the being of this past college basketball season. However, Jones has a high ceiling as he already has some refined big man skills due to his two years at Kentucky. Jones is the right fit for the 76ers here in the middle of the first round.

16. The Houston Rockets select Illinois C Meyers Leonard.
The Rockets are lacking a long term center as Meyers Leonard is a high upside player that could use some developing but could become a really good NBA center. The Rockets do not have a long term plan at center as they can use Marcus Camby as the starter while Leonard becomes a NBA starting center. Leonard has impressed at the NBA Combine and he has the potential to be a regular starter in the NBA.

17. The Dallas Mavericks select Iowa State SF Royce White.
Dallas needs to get younger as they have tons of veterans who showed their age this season after getting swept in the playoffs by the youthful Oklahoma City Thunder. Royce White has had concerns about his anxiety issue but he eased those problems in interviews at the combine. White is a proven scorer who helped take the Iowa State Cyclones back to the NCAA Tournament. White can help the Mavs build a strong team for the future and for now as he could even be an immediate starter.

18. The Minnesota Timberwolves select Duke SG Austin Rivers.
The Timberwolves currently lack a true shooter on the wing as Wesley Johnson, Wayne Ellington, and Martell Webster are not that true shooter. Rivers has been known for making some big threes in college and despite the fact that he probably should of stayed at Duke, he entered the draft but he is still a very good young prospect. Rivers is still very raw but he can become a strong shooter on the wing just like Utah's CJ Miles. Rivers can be a solid pick for the T-Wolves.

19. The Orlando Magic select Washington PG Tony Wroten Jr.
Jameer Nelson is getting up in age and the Magic are currently lacking a young point guard that can replace Nelson. Wroten is that developmental player that could be the long term replacement as he has the explosiveness to become a Ty Lawson type point guard after a couple seasons. Wroten is more of a layer for the future in Orlando but this could end up being a hit or a miss.

20. The Denver Nuggets select North Carolina PF John Henson.
The Nuggets need someone that can backup Kenneth Faried and be a dominant player off the bench and Henson is exactly that. Henson is a dominant player defensively as he knows how to shut down big man and block tons of shots just like he did at North Carolina. Henson is not the best offensively but George Karl can use Henson's great work ethic late in close games on defense to shut down opponents. Henson will be a the right fit for Denver if the Nuggets decide to choose him here and if Henson is still on the board.

21. The Boston Celtics select Mississippi State PF/C Arnett Moultrie.
The Celtics could bring back Kevin Garnett next year as they look for a big man to develop behind Garnett and Moultrie would be an excellent fit. Moultrie was a dominant post player at Mississippi State as he could become an effective starting big man in the starting lineup for Boston in a year or two. Moultrie should be an impact rotational player immediately and can be a starter down the road when Garnett leaves or retires.

22. The Boston Celtics select St John's SF Moe Harkless.
Moe Harkless could of been a higher pick in the draft next year if he would have stayed at St John's but Harkless has impressed at the NBA Combine and could be a steal at this point in the draft. Harkless showed a strong shooting ability but he is still a raw player that has a high ceiling but could be a bust if he is not developed properly. Harkless is a long term replacement for Paul Pierce that could be a Pierce type shooting small forward or a huge bust.

23. The Atlanta Hawks select Memphis SG Will Barton.
The Hakw shave moved Joe Johnson to more of a small forward role and they need and explosive shooting guard that can get to the basket and score, and create more space for guys like Johnson, Al Horford, and Josh Smith. Will Barton is that player as he has some great speed and knows how to get to the basket and score. Barton can be a steal at this point in the draft as he the all-around game to be a more explosive version of Jamal Crawford. Barton will be a very good NBA player and is an example of how deep the draft is this year.

24. The Cleveland Cavaliers select Syracuse C Fab Melo.
Anderson Varejao is past his peak and Semih Erden is not the long term answer at center for the Cavs. However, Fab Melo can be that center that the Cavs need as Melo has been developing a strong post game and could be an effective NBA center. However, Melo does carry some red flags due to the suspensions he has had in the past at Syracuse. Melo is a huge risk and a project but he is worth the pick at this point in the draft as he could form a dangerous pairing in the frontcourt with Tristan Thompson.

25. The Memphis Grizzlies select Vanderbilt SG John Jenkins.
OJ Mayo is a restricted free agent this offseason for Memphis as he will probably leave while Tony Allen is not the best shooter on the wing and more of a tough, defensively strong guard. John Jenkins is an ideal fit here witht he 25th pick as he is a great shooter from beyond the arc and could be a player that the Griz can kick the ball out to. Jenkins knows how to shoot and this can allow him to challenge for a starting spot at some point in his rookie season. Jenkins has been rising up into the end of the first round for good reason.

26. The Indiana Pacers select St. Bonaventure PF Andrew Nicholson.
Nicholson fits in very well with Indiana as he can become a Paul Millsap type player for Indiana as he has an excellent mid-range shooting game. Nicholson can make an immediate impact as he could take David West's spot in the lineup after next season. Nicholson is a well-rounded power forward that has the potential to be a dominant force for a while as the Pacers will be getting a very good power forward.

27. The Miami Heat select Baylor SF Quincy Miller.
Quincy Miller has been falling down some draft boards as the Heat could use a young developmental player that can improve the bench. The Heat could look for a center or a point guard but the Heat have two young point guards already and the Heat will want to improve their bench so Miller is the perfect fit. Miller has a lot of things he needs to work on but he can become a very solid role player for the Heat by the end of next season and a good sixth man in the long term.

28. The Oklahoma City Thunder select West Virginia PF Kevin Jones.
The Thunder need some more depth in the frontcourt as Nick Collison is not that good and Cole Aldrich is turning into a bust of a prospect. Kevin Jones would be the perfect answer to that problem as he is a strong post player that is an excellent rebounder. Jones can definitely be an impact player off the bench in his rookie season as he the potential to be a dominant big man in the long term for OKC.

29. The Chicago Bulls select France SG Evan Fournier.
Fournier is a good young player that will probably stay in Europe for another year or two before he comes to Chicago as he will be able to replace Richard Hamilton. Fournier is a high upside player that the Bulls will not have to worry about developing themselves for a couple of years. Fournier is the right pick for the Bulls as they can get a long term developmental guard.

30. The Golden State Warriors select Norfolk State C Kyle O'Quinn.
O'Quinn became a well-known name across the country after Norfolk State upset Missouri in the second round of the NCAA Tournament. O'Quinn has had a very successful college career and is a good fit in Golden State as he can give the Warriors some more depth in the frontcourt where they could use it with the previously-injured Andrew Bogut and the aging David Lee. O'Quinn is a solid pick for the Warriors here at the end of the first round.

Notable players on the outside of the first round
Michigan State SF Draymond Green
Green is a good leader and knows how to dish the ball around but he isn't a good scorer and that could prevent him from not being much more than a 10 minutes a game type player. Green could go to a team like Charlotte, Washington, Cleveland, or Sacramento as the Kings need some leadership among the players.
Knetucky guards Marquis Teague and Doron Lamb
Teague is the best player not in my first round but he could go to Orlando but Wroten is a more explosive player which causes him to fall down. Miami could take him but they have Mario Chalmers and Norris Cole already. Lamb is a similar player to John Jenkins but is not as good and will fall into the early part of the second round. Teague could get some interst from Toronto, Portland, and maybe Charlotte (if they move Kemba Walker to shooting guard); while Lamb could end up with Washington, Sacramento, Toronto, or Denver.
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