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[Mufc] Re: The Queen's Diamond Jubilee.


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> >Ok. I think we've had enough of this topic now. Let's bring this to a close and restrict future discussions to football.

> It was obvious from the first post that there would be the potential for friction. Politics and religion should be eschewed on this list - I think this thread could be included in "religion". There must be a more appropriate place (even person to person) for this stuff.

Agreed, there is a time and place for general intellectual discourse and this list is not it. Hell, there's so much else to discuss - we're between seasons and this list has been buzzing with United-related chatter for weeks now!

If time and space permit, however, perhaps I could humbly propose some new discussion topics (all United-related, naturally).

1. Isn't the red colour of our shirts nice?

2. Who do you think is the best manager we've ever had?

3. Does Fergie like tattoos? (Oh, sorry, we've already done that one.)

Are these topics OK, David?

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