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[Mufc] Re: New Striker - Angelo Henriquez


--- In MUFC@yahoogroups.com, Gautam Singh <gautam2004@...> wrote:
> This rumor was first cooked up by the British press when it became
> clear that Berbatov would be leaving United in the summer.

Actually some quick googling turns up the fact that they (the Daily Mirror) cooked up this story more than a year ago - see below.

"In-demand teen striker Henriquez heading for Old Trafford in £3m deal. ... United swoop for Chile starlet. Published 23:00 22/03/11 By Alan Nixon "

In this instant twitter/24 hour news channels/breaking news world that we inhabit, there is nowhere near enough hard information for all the space/airwaves/websites to be filled and so it is filled with concocted stories. The papers have been doing this for years, it's just that now it gets picked up and tweeted everywhere and piles of other websites copy it and propagate it.

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