Selasa, 05 Juni 2012

[Manchester United forever] Sony brings 3D 4K Home Theater Projector


Sony brings Worldâ€(tm)s First 3D 4K Home Theater
Projector in your living room
Home entertainment is all set to become a whole lot more demanding.
As, itâ€(tm)s time now to forget 1080p as the standard for
high-definition video in the home, as its replacement, the
next-generation of TV technology, 4K resolution, also known as Quad
Full HD is already making its presence felt strongly in the home
entertainment sector. Already embraced by Hollywood and earlier
introduced by Panasonic in its 152-inch 4K resolution TV, the biggest
plasma screen in the world, first shown at the Consumer Electronics
Show in year 2010, the ultra high-definition 4K resolution is the
technology in demand. And, considering this, Sony has now introduced a
4K home cinema projector, dubbed as VPL-VW1000ES that offers video
quality four times better than HD (1080p) displays. Thus, becoming
the worldâ€(tm)s first among the consumer electronics
companies to release a 4K resolution in a home cinema projector.


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