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Can Memphis comeback against the Clippers?

Rudy Gay is ready to take Memphis back to the second round.
The Memphis Grizzlies pulled off a big upset in the first round of last year's playoffs as they knocked out Tim Duncan and the San Antonio Spurs. This year, the fourth seeded Grizzlies are down in the series 3 games to 2 to the Clippers as they were able to stave off elimination in game five at home. Tonight, the Grizzlies have their toughest challenge as they have to play game six on the road in the Staples Center as the Clippers will look  to continue the great turnaround they have had with Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and company. However, the Grizzlies will come back in this series and knock out the Clippers despite the long odds. So, how will they do it?

Injuries to Chris Paul and Blake Griffin
Both Chris Paul and Blake Griffin are a little banged up for the Clippers and will probably not be at 100% for LA in game six which will nulify the home court advantage the Clippers have. Griffin is very athletic and the fact that he got injured when he took a tumble while being aggresive could cause him to be a little careful tonight of not reaggravating that injury. Mike Conley is a good enough point guard to contain a slightly banged up Chris Paul. Caron Butler, DeAndre Jordan, and the rest ofthe Clippers are going to have to step up if they want to end the series tonight and not take a difficult way through Memphis as they probably would lose in FedEx Forum.

Memphis's star trio is eager for a rematch with the Spurs.
Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol know how to get the job done in the paint.
Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol are true post players unlike their Clippers counterparts in Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan. Randolph and Gasol are both aggressive on the boards and know how to pull down tons of offensive and defensive rebounds. Gasol and Randolph have outrebounded Griffin and Jordan but Reggie Evans has picked up some of the slack coming off the bench with his rebounding prescence. Rudy Gay has also been getting rebounds and Marreese Speights has been grabing rebounds from coming off the bench. Randolph and Gasol are also more physical players than Griffin and especially Jordan. As long as Memphis wins the battle on the boards, the Grizzlies can win these next two games.

Memphis fans have plenty of reasons to believe in their team.
Memphis has shut down LA's complementary players.
Memphis has been able to slow down the players around Chris Paul and Blake Griffin as the Clippers fell apart offensively when both Paul and Griffin got injured in Game 5. Caron Butler, Nick Young, and Randy Foye have all averaged below 10 points per game as Mo Williams is the only one other than Paul and Griffin that has scored more than 10 points per game. With the lack of offense from outside the Clippers' dangerous duo of Paul and Griffin, the Clippers could be in real danger since they are both a little banged up heading into game six.

Rudy Gay is a closer.
Game three seemed like it was going to be a double digit win but Rudy Gay stepped up and brought the Griz within one with a couple of threes before he almost made a buzzer beater. Gay has been the lead scorer for Memphis in these playoffs and the go to man throughout the season and including the playoffs. Rudy Gay has done everything he has needed to lead the Grizzlies as he has hustled to getting over 6 rebounds and he is forcing some turnovers. Gay is the person that will take the big shots/free throw and more than half of the time, he will come through for your team. Rudy Gay is Memphis's star and it is because of his closing ability.

This Memphis team is in a hole but their are plenty of reasons why Memphis will come back and win this series as they will get to face the Spurs once again, this time in the Western Conference semifinals.

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