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[Sidekicks and Trackers ] Front Cross Member Rust out


I think I finally found my front tire wobble issue, I originally thought it was a leaking strut and after replacing that I had thought it was a bad tire, ball joint, or wheel bearing going out and had planned to replace all three, ordered most of the parts, just have not yet done the work. I noticed that the raditor was a bit loose and after looking at it found that the raditor support was rusted out at the bottom and found that the front cross member was rusted though in three places, one was right in the middle (between the two wish bone suspenssion connections) and rusted through where the cross member is welded to the frame, both ends.

I need to find a replacement pipe, remove what is left of the old cross member pipe, and weld the new pipe on (two both parts of the frame and to the two wish bone suspension brackets).

Has anyone done this before, it looks pretty straight forward, just asking to see if anyone ran into any problems doing this.

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