Kamis, 31 Mei 2012

[ONLY FC BARCELONA FANS] Catalunya cleared to play in international competition


Catalunya has been cleared to play in international competition - provided it does not run the risk of facing Spain.

The Catalan parliament passed an article of law over 10 years ago enabling teams from the region to participate in global events.

That ruling was challenged by the Spanish state but the Constitutional Court has now ruled in favor of the Catalans.

However, it has been decreed that Catalunya can only compete "whenever there are no Spanish federations" involved to avert the risk of "hindering or disturbing the powers of the State in the coordination and international representation of the sport [in question]".

Nonetheless, the region remains unaffiliated to either FIFA or UEFA, meaning it would still be unable to participate in future World Cups or European Championships.

Catalunya has had a football team since 1904 and is currently coached by Barcelona legend Johan Cruyff. The team's most recent outing was a 0-0 draw with Tunisia at the Olimpic Lluis Companys last December.

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