Selasa, 29 Mei 2012

The Orioles extend Adam Jones

The Orioles and Adam Jones have agreed to a six-year contract extension worth 85 million dollars as Jones is off to the best start of his career. Jones has been improving every year and is looking like a potential MVP candidate if the Rangers' Josh Hamilton cools off. This is an excellent deal for the Orioles as it seals Jones through the prime years of his career, age 27 to age 32. Jones will be happy as he will get $10 million next season and $15 million for the next five years. The Adam Jones extension might also have an impact on other center fielders across baseball.
The first player this deal will impact is Rays' center fielder BJ Upton due to the fact that he will be a free agent after this season. Upton and Jones both are n a similar level talent wise and have put up similar career numbers though Upton has tons of stolen bases unlike Jones. Another difference is that Jones has been progressing every single year while Upton broke out in 2007 and was unable to replicate the same power numbers until last season. The Rays do not have the money to give Upton an extension like the one that Jones received. Upton will probably end up with a deal similar to Jones' deal as his baserunning could put the deal in the range of $90 million. With a potential bidding war between teams like the Washington Nationals, San Francisco Giants, Milwaukee Brewers, Atlanta Braves (if they lose Michael Bourn), and the Philadelphia Phillies (if they lose Shane Victorino). This could push the price of a BJ Upton deal to $100 million. Upton might get some more money this offseason thanks to Adam Jones's extension with the Orioles, but he might not be the only one being helped out.
The Phillies' star center fielder Shane Victorino will also be a free agent though he is on the wrong side of thirty so he will not be getting any sort of five or six year deal. Victorino has had very good durability, just like Jones which should allow him to get a four-year commitment from either the Phillies, Giants, Nationals, Brewers, and Indians. Victorino is also an excellent defensive center fielder and that will interest lots of teams if he leaves the Phillies. Victorino is a good hitter and can fit in the leadoff or second spot in the lineup for a lot of major league teams. This deal could help Victorino a deal in the range of 40 to 45 million dolars over 4 years this offseason. Victorino will definitely get some more money because of Jones's extension.

The last guy that could be impacted in the long term is Reds center fielder Drew Stubbs. Stubbs is still years away from free agency but his career has bee similar to that of Adam Jones and BJ Upton. Stubbs is one of the more underrated center fielders in baseball and is having a bounce back season in Cincy after a rough 2011.  Stubbs is able to get plenty of stolen bases and he has a lot of power as his developmental path seems similar to Jones and Upton. If Stubbs can continue improving every year just like Jones has, then the Reds might have to look at giving Stubbs an extension that is just like the Adam Jones extension. Stubbs might get a lot more money in a few years thanks to the Adam Jones extension.

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