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[ONLY FC BARCELONA FANS] Sacchi: In 20 years, people will still remember Guardiola's Barcelona team


Former AC Milan coach Arrigo Sacchi believes that the memory of Pep Guardiola's Barcelona team will last for decades.

"It is a shame for all those who like beautiful football that he will leave Barca," Sacchi told Esports Cope. "He made football evolve and be at the top. I would like to congratulate him for his 14 titles in four years."

The 41-year-old coach is set to leave Camp Nou to take a year-long sabbatical from football after guiding the Blaugrana to a staggering 14 titles since taking charge of the team in 2008.

Sacchi has made no secret that he is saddened by Guardiola's decision and added that the coach started a new era in football.

"I think that everyone will remember Barca in 20 years because they revolutionized football."

The 66-year-old was also full of praise for Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho, but noted that the Portuguese is different from Guardiola.

"He is a rare guy to find," Sacchi stated. "I think Pep and Mourinho are two distinct coaches and persons."

He added, "You have to study Mourinho as a whole. His teams play good football. It is hard to have two Picassos in the same period."

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